The Off Shore Gaming Association has been in business since 1998 certifying sportsbooks for customers who gamble online. The OSGA has visited hundreds of sportsbooks and includes a list of some of the top online sportsbooks below. Each offshore sportsbook has been visited and is a reputable, solid establishment. We have online sportsbook reviews available for dozens of companies as well as ratings for hundreds of online sportsbooks in our Complete Sportsbook List. We do not rate sportsbooks on a scale or from 1 to 10, instead we look for places that pay, that give the consumer a good experience and that are responsive to inquiries. The online sportsbooks listed as Elite are some of the top sportsbooks in the World.
Each online sports book does offer some unique things that may make one better than another for some players. If you are looking for the lowest teaser juice or the sportsbooks that offer the highest parlay odds you can find a place that will suit your needs. Some players are looking for reduced juice or high limits or something as basic as a place to play where you can use the phone to wager.

But really the bottom line is getting paid. The OSGA will only certify an online sportsbook that has no problems with paying customers when they win. The best paying sportsbooks offer multiple payout methods with higher dollar limits and lower fees. Of course, the ability to request a payout any day is pretty standard, but paying out quickly (sometimes the same day) is usually the difference maker. Payout methods are also something that should be examined the best sportsbooks have mutiple ways to pay players.

Years ago there were hundreds of online sportsbooks hungry for new business and offering up an amazing array of perks for new players. However, due to both the consolidation of the industry and smaller profit margins due to skyrocketing costs the bonuses and perks have been reduced at many of the top outlets. In fact, there are far fewer sportsbooks online today than there were in 2007. Some of the top outlets no longer will take bets from Americans and many are refusing new customers from the States. Others are claiming to be "invitation only". Still, Americans can play at the Elite Sportsbooks listed to the right. They are all very solid companies that have been around for years and have no payout complaints on file with OSGA.

To wager with an offshore sportsbook a player first has to fund his/her account. Players have to send in money or 'post up' prior to placing any bets. Once the account is funded, a player can then wager on sports, horse racing or casino games from that one account. All sports betting payoffs are calculated from the odds at the time of the wager. The general rule of thumb is that a player pays 10% juice one each wager. Thus, the standard betting line is $110 to win $100. This number is displayed as -110. There are literally hundreds off types of bets and betting options at online sportsbooks. Half-time lines, quarter lines, exotic teasers and parlays, in-progress betting, pleasers, props and much more are available at most reputable outlets. Most online sportsbooks will carry odds for the major global sports, but many will also cover politics, TV and movies, awards shows and weather events. If there is a bet out there, chances are someone online is going to take it.

We urge players to do their homework BEFORE sending any money to an offshore sports book. Too often we are contacted after a player sends in money only to find out that the place is on our infamous Sportsbook Blacklist. We have mediated thousands of disputes with offshore sportsbooks and generally have an excellent success rate in helping players who are wagering with a reputable book. Though we will attempt to help any player with a dispute at any online sportsbook, we have very little success with places that are already listed as Bad Bets.

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Betting at an online sportsbook can be fun and proftable. However, we also want to reinforce the old axiom "Bet with your Head, Not Over it". Players should not 'post up funds' that are needed for the rent, car payment or next meal. Online gambling should be looked at as entertainment, not as a means to get rich or as a form of income. Players can find secure and legal betting on sporting events, as well as horse racing and online casino games worldwide by telephone, internet, or via cell phone or any nobile device 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at top online sportsbooks with just the click of a mouse.