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The sportsbooks with the best parlay options can be found right here. The reviews below for the top parlay sportsbooks have been compiled over the last 19+ years and include reviews on sportsbooks from players and corporate visits to the sportsbooks who offer the higest parlay payout odds in the online sports gambling industry.

The information on the top parlay sportsbooks below is gathered from player feedback, independent research, phone calls, tips and inside sources. The online sportsbooks listed below all have a flawless tack record of paying winners, in addition to great parlay odds, payouts and specials.

Click on the links below for reviews of the sportsbooks with the best parlay odds - those sportsbooks that have the highest payouts for parlay betting. The OSGA complete sportsbook list and more sportsbook reviews can be found here. For more information on top parlay sportsbooks worldwide, become an OSGA VIP.

(888) 492-4377
This sportsbook has paid like clockwork for over a dozen years. The 'Plus' is in higher than average teaser and parlay odds. Get a two-team parlay that pays 14-5 and 3-teamers at 6.5 to 1. Up to 15 team parlays are available.
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(844) 823 8669
BetNOW is a newer place that offers some geat options for players. They have standard payout odds of 2.6 to one on a 2-team parlay and 24-1 on a 5 teamer, but they do some unique things for parlays that use 7,8, 9 or 10 teams. The 'No Can Lose' parlay will pay out if every pick loses and if just one game loses in a large parlay, the bet is graded a push - bet refunded.
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(800) 305 3517
5 Dimes not only caters to every type of player but they have excellent parlay odds. They offer down to the decimal on every parlay to slightly increase the odds to 2.64-1 on a two teamer and 12.28 on a 3-teamer. They also offer open parlays that can be filled at any time as there is no expiration time frame on open parlays. Plus, at 5Dimes you can parlay almost anything. Golf? Yep. Hockey? Sure.
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(888) 898 1848
BetOnline has always been known as a great book to play parlays at. In the golden age of Internet gambling they had 3 teamers at 7-1. Now they offer standard odds for 2 and 3 team parlays, but payoff 12-1 on a four teamer and an industry-leading 25-1 on 5 team parlays.
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