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We constantly hear of brand new sportsbooks as it seems that a new online sportsbook opens every month. Here at OSGA we never give a 'thumbs up' to any new sportsbook until they have succesfully made it through at least one football and baseball season. In today's online gambling climate, it is very easy for a rougue operator to open a new sportsbook, run into problems and shut down, stiffing players in the process. Before playing at ANY new sportsbook, keep in mind that longevity in the online gambling arena does carry a good deal of weight.

Always like to try something new? Just bookmark this page and check back often for updates to the top new sportsbooks on the Internet.

For the past 19+ years, OSGA has been compiling your feedback, independent research, phone calls, tips and inside sources to build and maintain the industry's most reliable list of top online sportsbooks. We use our vast experience in the industry to rate every sportsbook that we hear of, even if they have only been around for 6 months. However, there is a growing trend, especially in Costa Rica, for a brand new operation to be nothing more than a backend service provider and a guy with a list and a good sales pitch. Read the article from our own Harltey Henderson that outlines this growing and troubling trend in the online sports betting industry.

The list below contains our most current reviews of new or newer sportsbooks, and we've placed our complete list of sportsbook reviews online to offer you the most comprehensive set of research tools in the industry. This list was last updated in August of 2017. Bookmark this page to check back for UPDATES!

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Solid New Books

They have a good reputation, are well funded and have no registered complaints.

(844) 377-XBET
Certified ReputableXBet came onto the sportsbook scene quickly and is now entering their 2nd football season. As a newer shop we did get the chance to visit in 2017 and they are impressive. This year they have made a big push for new players and have done an excellent job so far. Based in Costa Rica, features great cash and free play bonuses and special promotions. They are well backed and have experienced sports betting clerks and managers in place throughout the organization.
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(844) 823-8669
Certified Reputable They started in 2015 and have done an excellent job of growing their sportsbook. BetNow is incorporated on the island of Curacao, with top notch clerks and experienced upper level management. Since they opened last year we have not had one single complaint filed despite their excellent growth into a mid-size shop. They have great software and an advanced mobile betting platform as well as a lifetime VIP bonus!
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Untested New Books

Sportsbooks that have a short, yet respectable track record.

(888) 787-4755
HR Wager began operations three years ago and is included on this list as they are still a smaller, newer operation in our eyes. They offer huge bonuses and have made good on them, with just a couple of registered complaints (resolved) in the past two years, which is a solid track record for a newer book. Take a look at HR Wager and let us know your thoughts on their operation.

Questionable New Books

Proceed at your own risk with these brand new operations!
This site started late in 2017. They are obviously another price-per-head operation that is running with little actual staff. There is no email address or any contact information on the Wager305 website. We have received a serious no pay complaint of just $220 on this place in March 2018.

This site started in July of 2017. They are obviously taking a shot at unsuspecting players who are aware of industry giant Bet365, but are unable to play there from the States. Players being contacted are told that this place is a U.S. offshoot of the indstry leader, which is a flat-out lie. 'Andrew' is the person making contact to players. If it's the same guy, his last now-defunct stiff shop was BetUSGame.

This site is running out of Costa Rica and appears to be affilaited with USWager below. They refuse to respond to complaints, and have deleted wagers and created fake ones for customers.
AUGUST 2017 UPDATE: Currently they are stiffing a player out of $3000.

This site appears to be running out of Costa Rica, but they have a license from Curacao. We had some initial positive reports on this operation, but had several slow pay complaints in 2016, which have continued in 2017. They also refuse to respond to complaints, citing player privacy, even though our complaint form requires player information.
JULY 2017 UPDATE: Currently there are three open slow pay complaints. Prior slow pay complaints are being satisfied with payments of $50 per month!! One player was told he could expect to wait a year to be paid in full!

This new outfit started back in June 2016 and appeared OK through most of the football season. However, the obvious PPH model and domain registration of just one year leads us to think this is yeat another fly-by-night outfit in Costa Rica.
JAN 2017 UPDATE: There is currently a non-payment complaint against this sportsbook and though they have responded to one email, it does not appear that they will be paying a 5K outstanding debt to a player..

This is another sportsbook that we had not heard of until last football season was about to start. Emails received by our staff were blatanly misleading. It is hard to believe they are still around in 2017. They are powered by BTG Gaming which supplies services to many smaller books, many of which are questionable at best.

This sportsbook in Costa Rica only opened in the summer of 2015 and we have already had two serious complaints against them. They are not responsive to inquries, use the Price-Per-Head model and are neither part of Manchester Gaming, Inc. or licened in Alderny as their website states.
March 2016 UPDATE: USWager365 currently has a slow pay complaint on file. They have not responded to our inquiry.

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