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OSGA Blacklist of Sportsbooks and Casinos

OSGA Complaint Ticker

Level Sportsbook Complaints
CRSB 7 (↑4) 2 (↑1)
RealBet 2 (↑1)
TopBet 1 (↓1)
Enterbet 1

We receive online sportsbook complaints and Internet casino complaints on many operations. The offshore sportsbooks below are currently experiencing problems and have players who have unresolved complaints filed with OSGA. Players should do research before sending any money offshore and we recommend to only play at Elite-rated sportsbooks.

Unfortunately, many of the online gambling operations listed have gone out-of-business owing players thousands of dollars. The OSGA blacklist of gaming companies includes those who did not resolve payout complaints and some operations that are still taking deposits without making payouts. Several of the listings are related to the operations themselves and are not payout complaints. Please read the comments thoroughly to avoid sportsbook scams!

For our most recent information check the offshore report or the Offshore BLOG.

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2001 Sports
2for1 Sports
2 Wager Sports
Aces Gold
Aloha Casino
Allied Sports
Apex Sportsbook
Arrowhead Sports
Beat The Odds
Best Bet Sports
Best Casino Sport
Bet Casino Sports
Bettors Book
BetWGN or BetWGNPro
Bring Me Luck
Caribbean Sports (Not British Caribbean)
Casino Sports
Cayman Sportsbook
  Celebrities Sportsbook
Crown Intertel
Ace in the Hole, Casino Pirata, Metro Gaming, KingdomCasino (not Casino Kingdom)
EZ Bets
First Live Casino
First Net Sportsbook
Fortress International
Gambling Stadium
Golden 7 Casino
Golden Wager
King's Bet
Light Speed Sports
Lucky's Casino & Sportsbook
Mega Sports
New Age Bets
  Oklahoma Sports Betting
(Not Online-Casino)
Players Bet
Pyramid Sportsbook
Richmond Hill
Riverside World Sports
Sports Bet Online
Sports Haven
Two for One Sports
Vegas Palace
Vegas from Home
Video Las Vegas
World Sportsbook International

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If you are having a problem at an offshore establishment, wish to file a complaint, or just need some advice, CALL the OSGA at:
877 OSGABET or 877 742 OSGA