Live betting or in-game betting is taking sports betting to the next level. Live betting puts bettors in the middle of the action as games are being played, with betting odds updating in real time to create new and unique betting opportunities. Today, live betting is available at most legitimate sportsbooks.

What is live betting?

Live, in-game betting is one of the most popular new ways to wager with online sportsbooks. Live betting allows you to place wagers on games and sporting matches that are in progress. Each year more in-game odds are created. Typically, betting in game at an online sportsbook will take you to a separate section of the site entirely, with different menus and a list for every game where in-play wagering is available.

Often in-game betting helps a player increase their position, or hedge against a previously placed bet. In-game betting presents opportunitities for a smart gambler, but can also be a detriment to players that chase losing bets or think that they are just 'lucky'. Usually online sportsbooks that offer live betting will reduce the maxmium bet amounts for in-play wagering. Most sportsbooks only allow wagering during commercials or extended breaks in the action, however some top sportsbooks allow nearly continuous wagering, especially during soccer matches.

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The list below contains our most current reviews of live betting sportsbooks, and we've placed our complete list of sportsbook reviews online to offer you the most comprehensive set of research tools in the industry.


BAS offers reduced juice and hundreds of betting options, incuding five different live betting interfaces! In addition to the traditional in-game betting platform, BetAnySports offers Live Betting Ultra, Live Betting Extra, Sports Betting Prime and Sports Betting Plus.

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Jazz offers great bonuses and does something very unique in the live betting arena. Players can watch and bet on the games within the Jazz website via JazzSportsTV. The site also features a bet slip interface where players can enter and review all of their wagers and bet with one click.

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Bovada is a huge organization and services tens of thousands of customers. They have a great reputation and are a great place to play underdogs. The website has a bit of a Euro feel to it, with a betslip that enables one click wagering. The in-play section is straightforward and easy to use.

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Bookmaker is the longest operating outfit based in Costa Rica and they were one of the first to offer in-game betting. Their live betting lines are updated every minute of the match and wagers are graded and player accounts credited in real time.

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This is a great all-around sportsbook & casino operation. Lucky99 caters to everybody, but there is an emphasis directed toward the Asian-speaking customer, in the U.S. and elsewhere, supporting five different languages. With the user-friendly interface and multiple live betting consoles, this is one of the top places to lay down some action during the game.

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Heritage Sports has been widely respected in the industry for over fifteen years and offers players superior customer service. They continued that with their live betting user interface which is designed to be easy and intuitive, where it's simple to keep track of every in-game bet.

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With thousands of satisfied players, BetOnline has been the cornerstone of the sportsbook industry in Panama. They are a large operation with a huge betting menu. Their in-game betting offerings are top notch and they often have fun and unique prop bets.

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