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Ratings Criteria (Sportsbook)

The Off Shore Gaming Association has been providing consumer service for over a decade. We do not rate sportsbooks on a scale or from 1 to 10, instead we look for places that pay, that give the consumer a good experience and that are responsive to inquiries. We now offer four grades - Elite (the top position), Premier (good), Bad Bets (poor and beyond) and the Rest....

The ratings are compiled from our 10+ years of experience in the gaming industry, combined with player feedback and inside reports. A sportsbook cannot pay to be listed on OSGA, as these lists are totally independent and without bias. The OSGA sustains itself through memberships from players, not paid sportsbook advertising. 
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An Elite Book has no legitimate complaints on record and certainly none that are unresolved. These outfits are the cream of the crop, and have been in business at least four years. All operations have been visited physically by an OSGA representatives. Elite Sportsbooks welcome mediation by OSGA should a problem arise. We have contact at the highest levels (usually an owner or General Manager) at each Elite Sportsbook.

This category is dominated by places that fit one of two profiles. Either this is an Elite Book that has been knocked down one notch for some reason or a place that we have good reports on, but no physical contact. These outfits are open to OSGA mediation, but our contact level is that of a Customer Service manager. Premier Books are generally solid and are places that pay winners. However, places that pay but have repeated similar issues  (poor CS, confusing bonus rules) may also end up in this category. 

The infamous OSGA Bad Bet list has been around for ten years...and grows each year. If a place ends up on the Bad Bet page, they have committed the cardinal sin - no pay! This is simply a list of places to avoid that will more than likely end up stealing your money. To wind up here, a book must be completely unresponsive to inquires from OSGA and generally will have more than one no pay complaint. 

This is a vast list of places that we know of and have some comments on. This is a companion list to the Complete Sportsbook list.