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Live betting or in-game betting is taking sports betting to the next level. Live betting puts bettors in the middle of the action as games are being played, with betting odds updating in real time to create new and unique betting opportunities. Today, live betting is available at most legitimate sportsbooks.

Always like to try something new? Just bookmark this page and check back often for updates about in-game wagering.

Since the inception of live betting, OSGA has been compiling your feedback, independent research, phone calls, tips and inside sources to build and maintain the industry's best list of sportsbooks where bettors can wager during the games. We use our vast experience in the industry to find the best sites for in-play betting.

The list below contains our most current reviews of live betting sportsbooks, and we've placed our complete list of sportsbook reviews online to offer you the most comprehensive set of research tools in the industry.

What is live betting?

Live, in-game betting is one of the most popular new ways to wager with online sportsbooks. Live betting allows you to place wagers on games and sporting matches that are in progress. Each year more in-game odds are created. Typically, betting in game at an online sportsbook will take you to a separate section of the site entirely, with different menus and a list for every game where in-play wagering is available.

Often in-game betting helps a player increase their position, or hedge against a previously placed bet. In-game betting presents opportunitities for a smart gambler, but can also be a detriment to players that chase losing bets or think that they are just 'lucky'. Usually online sportsbooks that offer live betting will reduce the maxmium bet amounts for in-play wagering. Most sportsbooks only allow wagering during commercials or extended breaks in the action, however some top sportsbooks allow nearly continuous wagering, especially during soccer matches.

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(800) 305-3517

5 Dimes gives players a huge menu of live betting options via two separate infaces. 5Dimes Live In-Play Wagering offers in-game betting on Football, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, UFC and more. With 'Live Betting Extra' players can see current events that are available as well as upcoming events that will be available. 'Live Betting Ultra' takes the game to the next level!
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(800) 417-3786

Bookmaker offers a wide variety of live betting options updated during commercial breaks of televised games.  Bet on real time spreads, totals and props while watching the game on TV. All bets are graded within seconds and players' accounts are credited instantly.
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(888) 263-0000

Bovada's updated wesbite came with an upgraded live betting section and a large in-game wagering menu. The interface is quite slick and makes placing a bet simple. Bovada has a constant commitment to superior service that comes through with every live betting experience.
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(800) 986-1154

Vietbet does an is the only sportsbook that is multi-language and offers in-game betting. This books can answer questions in five langauges, English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Cantonese and Mandarin. Players will find in-game options on most of the day's games as they offer everything from MLB to UFC available via two different betting interfaces!
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(800) 800-7777

Heritage does an exceptional job with in-game betting. Their "Live Betting" user console is designed to be very easy and provides the user with an overview of every game and bet that is available. Matched with Heritage's legendary customer serivce, this is a great book to test out the live betting waters.
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(888) 535-2895

BetDSI now offers a vast array of live betting opportunities and a new look to the live betting section has simplified the way that in-game wagers are placed. With Diamond's 'Live Betting' application players get quick results and the opportunity to win more!
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(800) 11-22-33-11

William Hill has been one of the world leaders in online gaming, and this is also true with their Live Betting offerings. William Hill offers more in-play soccer bets than any EU sportsbook as well as Live Betting offerings at their shops worldwide, including Nevada.
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(888) 898-1848
BetOnline offers Live Betting on almost every televised sporting event. Their interface is super fast and bets get graded within seconds. Players can bet during the game knowing that one of the largest and most well-funded sportsbooks online will pay when they win.
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