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In today's online betting world, many players like the convenience of betting over the phone. The human contact with an live wagering clerk, makes many players feel more secure. And players want to be able to bet when they are away from a computer.

Unfortunately, many sportsbooks have done away with wagering via the phone and are pushing players to use the Internet. The driving factor behind this business decision is simple - it is far cheaper and easier for a sportsbook to take wagers over the Internet.

The days of 300 person call centers are gone. But some of the sportsbook out there rely on their 'old school' business and are willing and able to take bets over the phone.

The links below are our most current list of the the best sportsbooks to place wagers over the phone, and we’ve placed our complete list of sportsbook reviews online to offer you the most comprehensive set of research tools in the industry.

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(800) 417 3786
Bookmaker is the largest sportsbooks anywhere, based in Costa Rica. They have over 100 clerks to take wagers and most of them really know what time it is. That's because Bookmaker is a long standing and very serious operation. Players can get on the phone, get the current lines and place wagers quickly with this outfit.
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(800) youwager
This sportsbook has been around as long as anybody and will not shy away from big players. Get 20K on and NFL side and $10,000 on an NFL total. In addtion, they allow large parlays and teasers. Bettors find YouWager to be a non-nonsesne sportsbook.
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(800) 305-3517
This sportsbook gets very high marks from players. True to their name players can enjoy a $5000 betting limit on almost any wager (other than props and exotics). They will take any size player and offer solid payouts.
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