What is E-Sports?

"The professionalisation of video gaming." No longer a pastime of basement-dwellers and arcade-loitering youths, gaming is now a valid career choice for a skilled few. Millenials are earning millions and signing lucrative sponsorship deals all because they can play games really well. But what makes eSports so popular? Gaming is a multi-billion dollar industry that has come to generate top players and teams for many of the games being played today. Just as with any other contest, it follows suit that high level competitors will compete to see who is the best player / team, and it's It’s entertainment value and level of competiveness is growing. Rapidly. Many different eSports are being wagered on and the list keeps growing. Check with these outlets to see which games and teams are covered! Most places cover games like Starcraft II, DOTA-2, League of Legends, Counter Strike and others.

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Betting on eSports is relatively new so OSGA has been compiling your feedback, independent research, phone calls, tips and inside sources to build and maintain the industry's best list of e-sports sportsbooks where bettors can wager on gamer action. We use our vast experience in the industry to find the best sites for betting on esports.

The list below contains our most current reviews of eSports betting sportsbooks, and we've placed our complete list of sportsbook reviews online to offer you the most comprehensive set of research tools in the industry.

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eSports Sportsbooks


Bookmaker is the largest outfit based in Costa Rica. They have 25+ years in the business and were one of the first companies offshore. Bookmaker has a huge betting menu, offers racebooks rebates and pays like clockwork. Arguably the 'Kings of Costa Rica', this is a book that should be in every players portfolio.

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Payouts have become troublesome at many outlets over the last few years, but at JustBet the payouts have actually gotten faster! Streamlined procedures and excellent customer service get a payout to a players' door in just a few days. Never a payout complaint on JustBet.

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Bovada is a huge organization and services tens of thousands of customers Located in Canada and run by the Kahnawake Indians, Bovada is easily the largest i-gaming site in the country. Great reputation and great place to play underdogs!

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BetCRIS will cater to all of your e-sports betting needs. BetCRIS is generally the first sportsbook to post lines, and the phrase "Where the line originates" is true. Now count on BetCris to offer many different options for e-sports betting.

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Betnow has many options in games for e-sports betting. DOTA, COD, League of Legends Overwatch and more. BetNow also offers bonuses for signing up for E-sports wagering!

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