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The sportsbooks with the best parlay options can be found right here. The reviews below for the top parlay sportsbooks have been compiled over the last 25 years and include reviews on sportsbooks from players and corporate visits to the sportsbooks who offer the highest parlay payout odds in the online sports gambling industry.

The information on the best sportsbooks to bet parlays is gathered from player feedback, independent research, tips and inside sources. The online sportsbooks listed below all have a flawless tack record of paying winners, in addition to great parlay odds, payouts and specials.

Click on the links below for reviews of the sportsbooks with the best parlay odds - those sportsbooks that have the highest payouts for parlay betting or unique parlay betting options. The OSGA complete sportsbook list and more sportsbook reviews can be found here. For more information on top parlay sportsbooks worldwide, become an OSGA VIP.


BETPOP sportsbook has paid like clockwork for over 18 years, when they came onto the scene as Payoffs Plus. The 'Plus' is in higher than average teaser payouts and parlay odds. Get a two-team parlay that pays 14-5 and 3-teamers at 6.5 to 1. Up to 15 team parlays are available. Not only do players at betpop.lv get great parlays odds, but they also receive some of the fastest payouts in the industry.

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This sports book is a player's favorite for a reason. Wagerweb offers parlays up to 20 teams and gives players more bang for their buck with "Almost Parlays", where players get paid if they hit them all or 'almost' hit them all. This is a great exclusive option and works best with 7 teamers or more, when parlays will still get paid with up to two losses!

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BetNOW is a smaller outfit that offers some geat options for players. They have standard payout odds of 2.6 to one on a 2-team parlay and 24-1 on a 5 teamer, but they do some unique things for parlays that use 7, 8, 9 or 10 teams. The 'No Can Lose' parlay will pay out if every pick loses and if just one game loses in a large parlay, the bet is graded a push - bet refunded.

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SportsBetting.ag began in Antigua nearly two decades ago when the jurisdiction was amongst the toughest to get licensed in. They were bought out in 2013 and are now are part of a large operation located in Panama. They are one of only two operations online paying out 6.5-1 for a three-team parlay and SportsBetting is one of the few operations online that will allow up to a 25 team parlay.

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