WagerHub888 No Pay

A legitimate no pay complaint has been received on agent site, WagerHub888.

***** OSGA Bad Bet Alert *****

Date: 3.8.23

Avoid: WagerHub888.com

Reason for today's alert: legitimate no payout claim

Blacklist Notes: WagerHub888.com opened prior to the football season in 2020 as a small sportsbook utilizing the Price-Per-Head model. They are a very small operation and like many newer operations ran into some slow pay problems. When we initially heard about the sports betting site we did a little research and found only that they were new and several sketchy handicappers were touting them as a 'great new book' on Twitter. Several weeks ago we received what looked like a legitimate no pay complaint. We were able to figure out that the Price-Per Head provider for WagerHub888 is BetFastAction.ag. We have listed other operations using their service as Bad Bets in the past and this caused an immediate red flag for us.

Players had been posting on Twitter about slow pay, but it looked like they were making an effort to play players. Payouts were usually in the hundreds of dollars, so WagerHub888 was obviously focusing on small bettors, leaving them little exposure. Recently, a player indicated that he was basically ignored for his payout requests of thousands. As there is zero contact information at WagerHub888.com, we reached out to the provider, who also does business with another Bad Bet sportsbook, CashBet

Specific Notes: OSGA was contacted by a player a few weeks back who was worried because he was being slow paid by WagerHub888. The player asked for payouts of $4700 and 3K that were supposed to arrive via check in the week prior to the Super Bowl. The player left $2000 in his account to continue to play, but stopped wagering when his payouts did not arrive in a timely fashion

The player only had a phone number for "Jason," who was his agent at WagerHub888. There was no email address and no other way to contact him or anyone at the sportsbook. 

So, we turned to their price-per-head provider to try to get information on the operation and to urge the provider to have WagerHub888 tell us their side of the story. The provider for software, call center and betting services, BetFastAction.ag, did reply to our initial inquiries and though they were not very forthcoming with any information previously, we were hopeful. BetFastAction ultimately told us that there was nothing they could do and their last email stated, "We will not reply to any further emails." We tried to reach out through Twitter messaging @WagerHub888 and got no response there either. 

In our eyes, if BetFastAction is not going to contact one of their agent clients when there is an obvious stiff job going on, they are part of the problem. Ultimately, this leads us to a Bad Bet alert on WagerHub888 and a question about how this place is able to operate without any way to contact them. We also urge players to do their research before signing up with any agent, especially one that uses services from BetFastAction.ag.

We are recommending that players simply avoid WagerHub888 and Jason altogether.

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