A Rose by Any Other Fame Would Smell as Sweet

Pete Rose has a problem and likely still does, so it certainly doesn't look good for him to become a HOF member, if baseball and its treasured history is any guide.

Let me first apologize to Bill Shakespeare for killing that line. I'm just sadly implying that in this play, sadly our romantic hero Peter Edward Rose will never enter the Baseball Hall of Fame.

If you've been under a rock this week or out of the country you may have missed the latest damning report that not only did "Charlie Hustle" bet on baseball as a manager but did so as the more unforgiving sin as a player in the mid 1980's. In their series "Outside the Lines", ESPN helped unseal evidence that has been kept quiet for a while condemning Pete and surely will not help his upcoming appeal for the MLB Hall of Fame with new baseball commissioner Rob Manfred.

For our dreamy betting purpose here's a completely mythical betting line of Rose's opportunity of now entering Cooperstown IF a BetOnline or any other online sportsbook could post a line of his chances.

Will Pete Rose enter the Baseball Hall of Fame?
Yes +7500
No - 10000

I will give you every edge in arguing the wagering odds but one aspect we cannot dispute. We will never see this proposition bet appear for one simple reason. I sincerely doubt anyone would ever LIVE to potentially collect on a winning YES wager.

Pete has a problem and likely still does

Beyond forgiving Pete for betting on baseball (Rule 21, section d) the commissioner has a serious problem to also consider making a difficult decision. And that would be endorsing that Pete has a life-long gambling problem he has not admitted to himself nor shied away from. What has not been readily disclosed and I have a hunch baseball has been kind to are Rose's many NON-BASEBALL gambling problems that have plagued his off the field life.

In the 225 page report conducted by special assistant John Dowd, then special assistant to baseball commissioner Bart Giamatti, there was a great deal of testimony enclosed by witnesses of "questionable character". That's a sugary reference to bookies with organized crime ties that Rose allegedly owed money to while he was betting sports. The focus in the headlines then was simply that Pete bet on baseball with saving grace never against his own team. But not much public detail was included affecting his personal life or finances. Though not playing nor managing, can we believe Pete has completely changed his character in the last 15 years and not wagered significantly on sports, horse racing, etc.

Pete Rose would like you to believe he's been a "goodwill ambassador" for baseball since his latest appeal to the Hall of Fame failed with past Commissioner Bud Selig. In fact, he couldn't have gotten a bigger break in begging new Commissioner Manfred, who is a life-long Pete Rose idol. He will use that in pleading his case with Manfred.
But Pete, since the banishment why do you spend ample time in Las Vegas doing numerous card shows than any other city in the U.S.? Is that the best possible location to be seen posing for pictures? Why not keep a low profile or do you seriously need the ancillary revenue for "other purposes"?

Playing the Odds

It certainly doesn't look good for Pete to become a HOF member if baseball and its treasured history is any guide. Many people (including myself) believe he's served his time and is worthy of a potential parole. But not if you consider the factual case of baseball legend Joseph (Shoeless Joe) Jackson. Jackson has been mired in the "Black Sox" scandal of throwing the World Series in 1919 for almost 100 years and despite his lifetime .356 average sits coldly outside the Hall.

Jackson remains on MLB's ineligible list, which since 1991 has automatically precluded his election to the Hall of Fame. In November 1999, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a resolution lauding Jackson's sporting achievements and encouraging MLB to rescind his ineligibility. The resolution was symbolic, since the U.S. government has no jurisdiction in the matter. At the time, MLB commissioner Selig stated that Jackson's case was under review, but as of the present despite growing evidence of his innocence, he still remains ineligible. Wow.

A few easy predictions to occur over the next few months.

- Pete Rose will receive a thunderous standing ovation at this year's All Star Game in Cincinnati that will joined by every person sitting (I mean standing) at home watching. We can now only dream of a day that players like him will be in the line-up 162 games a year and show up at the World Series.

- Pete Rose will meet with new baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred to discuss his potential reinstatement into MLB and nomination into its Hall of Fame. The commissioner will politely listen. He will then gratefully thank Pete for his devotion to the game and ask he spend more time showing up at major league ballparks to spread joy and goodwill toward loving fans. He will then TURN DOWN his request for potential nomination into the Hall of Fame.

Last prediction: Don't rule-out a 2016 Draft Kings $5,000,000 Pete Rose Baseball Fantasy World Series

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