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Alliance Sportsbook Closed

By: Jim Quinn
Published: Jan 15, 2014

Alliance Sportsbook in Costa Rica has closed. Alliance came under new ownership and management about a year and a half ago and by most reports was doing pretty well. We received very few complaints on them, even during the slow months, and sportsbooks have generally done quite well this football season. However, a notice was posted today on their website stating that the sportsbook is closed "due to an unfortunate situation regarding its two primary shareholders and financiers."

Alliance is smaller shop that kept a low profile, but generally did a good job for players. The book is owned by stand-up people who have been in the offshore industry for many years. The website states that they are "in negotiations with a major sports company regarding acquisition of Alliance." Based on this history of the ownership and their reach in the industry, we feel that players will end up being taken care of. We are optomisitic that this is not a stiff situation.

Players have been asked to write for all payout requests. It has been stated that all balances will be paid within 45 to 60 days. No other details were given concerning the closure, but OSGA has reached out to management to get some additional details for players. We did hear from one player who was told that he could play with an agent site, BetGoldstar, but we cannot confirm at this time if this is for all players or just this one guy.

OSGA urges players to get on the payout list via email at In addition, players should fill out the OSGA Sportsbook Complaint Form, to get on our list, just in case this does turn ugly in the coming weeks.  Players should keep an eye on this space for updates on this evolving situation.

UPDATE 1.17.14

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