UPDATE 2.11:We have been in contact with Alliance Sportsbook on a weekly basis. They are in the process of working on deals for all players and are currently trying to find the best resolution possible for players, whether it be waiting for a payout or being placed at another sportsbook. So far we have heard of several players who have been moved to other shops, balances in tact, but with a minimal rollover. As Alliance is working on a play-by-player basis, we urge players who are still waiting for a solution to be patient.

UPDATE 1.24: We finally have been in contact with Alliance Sportsbook. They are in the process of still working on a deal for all players.  They are currently looking for a bailout and may even go player-by-player with offers. We expect to hear some positive news soon.


On Monday players at Alliance Sportsbook were greeted with a message on their website stating that the ownership had problems and the sportsbook was closed. We were optimistic at the beginning of the week that players would be paid as there was an email address posted on the website and a time frame for payouts of 45 to 60 days. However, our emails and the emails of players have gone without any response and all of the phone numbers to the book have been disconnected. Today players found that the site is gone, simply a placeholder page where Alliance used to be.

There has been wide speculation regarding Alliance, its owners and an offer to some players to move their accounts to the price-per-head shop called BetGoldstar. One thing is for sure, now that the website has been taken down, our earlier optimism has dwindled and we are left to wonder if players will get paid at all or if any bailout is even being pursued.

We have been in contact with a source in Costa Rica that helped setup Alliance and gave the fledgling book owners some guidance in their first year of operation. He indicated that Alliance had changed hands since his initial involvement. He was able to give us some insight as to the rumor that losers were being targeted to join BetGoldstar, while winners were being stiffed.

One of the ways that online businesses get customers is through partners or affiliates – people who get paid to send traffic to a particular website. Apparently one or two well connected affiliates who were sending traffic and players to Alliance was so concerned that their players were not going to get paid, they made the offer to their affected players to make them whole again at BetGoldstar. This is not a conspiracy to stiff players who were winners, simply a few good people who are being proactive towards players they actually know or referred to Alliance. From reports we have heard this is less than 20 players. We understand that BetGoldstar is a well backed price-per-head shop and players who take this offer will be taken care of. We are hearing this second hand, but at this point in the situation, BetGoldstar looks like a viable option for the handful of players that were offered this solution.

As for the rest of the players, our source indicated that he was told everyone would be paid. However, he wasn’t about to say with 100% certainty that payouts will happen. As there has been no contact from the sportsbook with any players or us, we are skeptical that players will ever get their money from Alliance Sportsbook. There are no ‘bailout’ discussions occurring with any of the larger books that we contacted and Alliance. Instead we have been getting responses to our inquiries about a bailout regarding the amount of players affect, total balances and the like. Unfortunately, with no contact from Alliance, no one can confirm any figures regarding players, putting a full bailout in serious jeopardy.

OSGA still urges players to get on the payout list via email at service@alliancewagering.net. In addition, players should fill out the OSGA Sportsbook Complaint Form to get on our list, just in case this does turn into a stiff situation in the coming weeks. Players should keep an eye on this space for updates as this continues to evolve.