From the Rumor Mill: Bookmakers may be rethinking in-play Oscars betting after large bets on winners come in very late

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Offering odds on the Oscars has always been considered somewhat risky, since the votes are done prior to the telecast which means the results are known beforehand. The finals process is described on the website. According to the website, the voting is open to all Academy members and after the final vote is cast they are tabulated by the auditing firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) and only 2 partners from that firm know the results. Naturally, with such a prestigious opportunity no one would ever suggest that the two partners of PWC would bet on the results or even leak them to others, but others are involved in the processing and counting of ballots and it is conceivable they could pass along the results to date, even if they don’t know the final tabulation. Most likely all employees of the company involved in the process have to sign a non-disclosure agreement, but it wouldn’t be the first time that smaller employees would consider breaking that rule if they could benefit monetarily (see Draft Kings).

In the first season of Survivor, all workers on the program had to sign an agreement with CBS not to reveal the winners to anyone until the shows were aired, but when there was serious coin on the line, the risk was worth the reward. I recall talking to an Intertops manager at the time who said they had close to a six-figure liability on Gervais after a computer tech claimed to have broken into the CBS database and noticed that all the contestants had an “X” on their name except for Gervais. As many will recall, contestants were “x”ed out in the newspapers on the day following the episode to indicate they were voted out.

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OSGA Announces Super Bowl 52 Contest Winners!

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We would like to congratulate ‘Lou K’ for winning the OSGA Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest. Lou beat out over 160 contestants to win the $300 CASH Grand Prize.

Lou hit 7 of the eight proposition bets and had the Eagles winning the game, which was the main caveat in winning a prize. Surprisingly, there were six other players who also had 7 props picked correctly. However, Lou was the only player who picked the Eagles to be Super Bowl champions! For his efforts, Lou will be getting a cool $300 send to his door!

Super Bowl Contest winnersIn addition, the Super Easy, Super Bowl contest awarded OSGA members who correctly picked seven of the 8 props correctly, but did not win the grand prize with a $50 Visa Gift Card. OSGA VIp Member ‘WildWilly’ picked up the $50 prize with 7 correct props, but !had the Patriots as SBLII champs.

This year we again offered the Members Only Super Bowl, Super Totals contest, in which members had to pick the totals for Super Bowl 52 halftime, the full game, and the total points for each team. In addition, the total yards passing for Tom Brady and receiving yards for Zach Ertz. Finally, players picked the final score of the game.

Four players had 5 of the six prop bets picked correctly, as every one went over with the offensive explosion in Super Bowl LII. So we had to go to the tie-breaker and with a final total of 74 points it really came down to which player posted the highest total.

H8H8rs had a total of 63 posted despite picking the Patriots to win. So, he is the Winner of the OSGA Super Totals Super Bowl 52 Contest! Ironically, just one player, Dean, picked the Eagles to win.

We are extremely happy to see OSGA members cash in on the great contests that we offer throughout the year. The extra contests and prizes awarded to members are one of the biggest benefits of OSGA membership and are a benefit that truly pays members back. In 2017 OSGA gave away over $3000 to members via contest winnings and we expect to do it again this year for our members.

Get on board today with an OSGA membership to become eligible for great prizes and exclusive contests!

Free Contests for Super Bowl 52

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Free Super Bowl Contest

This year we are again offering two awesome, easy, and 100% free contests for Super Bowl 52 – our “Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest” for all OSGA visitors and the Super Bowl, Super Totals contest for OSGA members.

Now in its 11th year the “Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest” has contestants pick the winners of eight prop bets and the winner and correct score of Super Bowl LII. As an extra tie-breaker players will also have to choose the number of first downs the winning team has in the Big Game.


PRIZES: The winner of the SUPER EASY, SUPER BOWL Contest will receive CASH. This contest features a Top Prize of $300. This contest is for both OSGA members and non-members. In addition, any OSGA member who correctly identifies seven of the eight prop bet winners, will be eligible for a Free $50 Visa gift card.

Become a Member Today!

ENTER the Super Easy, Super Bowl contest today! CLICK HERE!

This is the fifth year OSGA has offered a Super Bowl contest just for members. This year the prizes for the contest is a $100 VISA Gift card! Players also have to  pick the correct score of the Super Bowl and any member who gets the exact score will get a $200 gift card! OSGA members can login to the Member Zone and head to the Members Forum to get in on this great Members-Only offering. To ENTER this great free contest today, become a Member!!

OSGA has all the Super Bowl betting information you need! In addition to the free contests, check out original articles from top handicappers, free picks and more insights on the Big Game right here.

Enjoy Super Bowl 52 and Good Luck with all of your bets!

Get a Free OSGA Membership

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Free OSGA Membership from YouWager

OSGA has teamed with Elite-rated YouWager to give players a FREE membership.

OSGA is always looking for ways to give players more. So, we have teamed up with Elite-rated YouWager to provide free OSGA memberships.

Players who are looking for a solid place to play online can sign-up at and get a free membership for one year to the Off Shore Gaming Association.

As one of the longest standing sportsbooks offshore, YouWager has always been a big proponent of OSGA. They have been supportive of OSGA’s mission to ensure that people who want to play online can find safe places to gamble. Since they started way back in 1997, YouWager has always been a top sportsbook. When OSGA first began to help players nearly two decades ago, YouWager was one of the first operations to achieve Elite Certification. And they are still one of the fastest paying sportsbooks online.

“YouWager has always been at the top of a short list of places to play due to their longevity in the business and record of fast payouts,” said OSGA CEO Jim Quinn. “We are very excited to see YouWager step up and help players get more involved with OSGA, so that they can make more informed decisions out on the Internet.”

YouWager has made this easy for new players to their sportsbook. Players simply need to sign-up at and make a deposit of at least $100. Players can take full advantage of the great bonus offers and still get a free OSGA membership. This great offer from YouWager and OSGA is only for a limited time, so players who are looking for a top online sportsbook AND the extra protection offered by an OSGA membership should take advantage today.

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OSGA Announces Winners of 2017 College Bowl Bonanza

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Congratulations to ‘jcolem65’, the winner of the 2017-2018 OSGA College Bowl Bonanza!

‘jcolem65’ beat out over 100 other players by picking twenty one out of 32 College Bowl games correctly, against the spread! He hit at a fantastic win percentage of 66%. However, ‘sunshine’ also picked 21 games correctly! So we had to go to the tie-breaker, the total number of points in the College Football Championship. When the game went into overtime, it got really interesting, but the total still ended up low compared to Alabama’s last National Championship win in 2017. ‘jcolem65’ had 43, but ‘sunshine’ had 57, going over the total. According to the rules going over in the tie-breaker means a bust and thus ‘jcolem65’  picked up the Grand Prize of $500 cash, courtesy of OSGA. ‘sunshine’ didn’t make out too badly with 2nd place and a cool $250.

The Bowl Contest ended up in tie for third place with five players ending the bowl season with a total of 20 wins. Again, the tie-breaker was the deciding factor as ‘da gators’ was the only player to pick under the total and thus claimed the 3rd place prize of $125, courtesy of OSGA. Despite the game going into overtime, four other players still ended up going over the total. Those four players will split the the 4th and 5th place prizes, according to the rules. The two prizes are $75 and $50, so they will each get a 25% share, or $31.25!

“It’s hard to believe that after 32 games Against the Spread that two players had 21 wins,” said OSGA President Jim Quinn. “This marks the 5th time in the history of our College Bowl Contest that the tie-breaker needed to be used to determine the overall winner.”

The OSGA College Bowl Bonanza has had many years where it all comes down to the final game. But, unfortunately, more than 3/4 of the field picked Clemson, who lost to Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. Again this year the contest was using the point spread, adjusted prior to the start of the contest to ½ points to avoid pushes, and to see that players hit more than six 6 out of 10 games right for over three weeks is pretty amazing.

This year the College Bowl Bonanza also featured two extra prizes, a Consolation Prize consisting of a $25 Free Play at contest sponsor Diamond Sports and a Bad Beat Prize for players who went 0-3 during the College Football Playoff games. Surprisingly only one player did not pick more than 10 games correctly and earned a consolation prize. And, with Alabama winning the National Championship, nearly 1/5 of the field is eligible for the Bad Beat Prize, where Elite-rated will give players a $100 match play based on a $100 deposit.

Thank you to everyone who participated in another great free contest from OSGA. Check back with OSGA for more free contests, including the Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest and Members-Only Super Bowl contest and our huge March Madness contest. 

OSGA Announces Winners of 2017 Pro Football Progressive Pick ‘Em Contest

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The Off Shore Gaming Association (OSGA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 OSGA Pro Football Progressive Pick ‘Em Contest. OSGA sponsors two football contests that run for the full football season and the Progressive Pick ‘Em for Pro Football is now in its 11th year. Congratulations go out to ‘snurker’, who beat out nearly 150 other contestants to win the huge cash grand prize.
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From the Rumor Mill: – First Ethereum specific gambling site to start at the end of 2017

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There are currently several casinos running on the Bitcoin network, but none for other crypto currencies. A few sites like Heritage Sports, Fortune Jack and Betcoin accept alt currencies for wagering, but none run on the Ethereum network. That apparently is set to change at the end of this year when a website called Edgeless is set to start full operations using Ethereum for gambling.

ethereum gambling onlineThe company was started in 2016 and throughout the year acquired shareholders with a crowdfunding campaign providing tokens to early subscribers and a percentage of future profits. Those early funders have been able to play blackjack on the site using EDG coins given to them. To date, however, the company has not been able to launch fully because they don’t have a gambling license. But rumors have it that the site will finally get their gambling license at the end of this year. According to reports from the company they will initially offer blackjack to the general public and plan on adding dice, video poker and sports betting in the near future. The games are played with the cryptocurrency $EDG which are purchased with Ethereum. Not surprisingly there aren’t a lot of trading sites offering $EDG and it’s not certain if the coins will be available for purchase directly from the Edgeless website. As of today EDG is selling for about $1.60 USD per coin on Bittrex.

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OSGA Announces Winner in 6th Annual Last Man Standing Contest

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‘KKoz’ is The Last Man Standing! Congratulations to ‘KKoz’, the winner of the 2017 OSGA Last Man Standing Contest! He beat out over 120 other players by picking winners for 12 straight weeks! ‘KKoz’ wins the Grand Cash Prize of $800, courtesy of OSGA.

After week 5 of the NFL season the Last Man Standing Contest was down to just four players, who duked it out for four more weeks. In week 9 ‘Dallas12’ went out and in week 11 ‘missmarian’ lost on her pick of Kansas City. The next week, with just two players alive, the Chiefs again took down ‘Goomba’, who finished as the runner-up on the contest.

This year we did things a bit differently. The prize pool was progressive and it was a ‘winner take all’ cash prize! The remaining prizes were all large Free Plays at Elite-rated BetMania. Back in week 10 the prize pot began to grow at a pace of $100 per week and thus in week 12, the prize pot was worth $800.

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Thanksgiving Offers, Contests and Bonuses

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It is the time of year where we give thanks with family and friends. It’s also the time when online sportsbooks ratchet up their sign-up and deposit offers to give thanks for your business. There is such a plethora of really great football games that some sportsbooks have devised contests centered around the Thanksgiving football weekend. Below we have highlighted some of the Thanksgiving offers from Elite-rated sportsbooks.

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OSGA Progressive Pick ‘Em pool hit for $800 in Week 8

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After the dust had settled from the Monday Night Football game in week 8 of the NFL season, two players had picked every game correctly in the 2017 OSGA Progressive Pick ‘Em. Congratulations to ‘Kerry1106’ and ‘tks777’ who correctly picked all 13 games on the board over the weekend, splitting the Progressive Prize of $800.

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From the Rumor Mill – Can barter betting be on the horizon?

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Placing sports bets with goods may not be that far away

I was recently looking through a gambling forum when the topic of barter betting was being discussed. I never heard of the term but apparently it is quite common on social media and some smaller trading websites. According to the forum it involves two parties where one is interested in buying a product from the other, but instead of a quick sale, the parties place a bet on a sporting event and if the buyer wins he receives the product for free (or a significantly reduced price). If the seller wins, the buyer gives him the full amount of the price they agree to in addition to the winning bet amount. After a bit of research, it seems that bitcoin was one of the main sparks for the idea.

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From the Rumor Mill: UK Labour Party will try to ban gambling if elected

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Labour Party may capitalize on recent problem gambling reports

I was recently talking to a friend, (who I’ll call Eddie for this article) who was heavily involved in the offshore gambling industry until 2006, when he decided to move back to the U.K. after the passing of the UIGEA.  He is now very involved in the legal gambling industry in the United Kingdom but told me that he is quite concerned that the gambling industry in the UK, as we know it, will soon be coming to an end!

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