OSGA Announces Super Bowl 51 Contest Winners!

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We would like to congratulate ‘Lorie J’ for winning the OSGA Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest. Lorie beat out over 200 contestants to win the $300 CASH Grand Prize.

Lorie hit 6 of the eight proposition bets and had the Patriots winning the game, which was the main caveat in winning a prize, but there were five other players who hit 6 props. However, Lorie was the one of just two players who had the Patriots winning the game! The first tie-breaker was the total score without going over. ‘Warren H’ had 58 for his total, but Lorie was just one point off the game total with 61! For her efforts, Lorie will be getting a cool $300 send to her door!

The Super Easy, Super Bowl contest did have one player who hit 7 prop bets. Unfortunately, ‘Robert C’ did not write in the game score and thus was eliminated from the contest!

In addition, the Super Easy, Super Bowl contest awarded OSGA members who correctly picked seven of the 8 props correctly with a $50 Visa Gift Card. Unfortunately for Robert again, he is not a member and cannot collect on this prize either!

We offered the Super Bowl Squares contests for Members in the past few years, but switched it up this year after some disastrous runs with poor software. This year we offered the Members Only Super Bowl, Super Totals contest, in which members had to pick the totals for Super Bowl 51 halftime, the full game, and the total points for each team. In addition, the total yards passing for Matt Ryan. Finally, players picked the final score of the game.

Congratulation to ‘belfortuo’, who got 4 of the 5 prop totals right and thus claims the $100 prize. He hit all of the big totals but missed out on Matt Ryan’s total yardage prop.

We are extremely happy to see OSGA members cash in on the great contests that we offer throughout the year. The extra contests and prizes awarded to members are one of the biggest benefits of OSGA membership and are a benefit that truly pays members back. In 2016 OSGA gave away over $2750 to members via contest winnings and we expect to do it again this year for our members. Get on board today with an OSGA membership to become eligible for great prizes and exclusive contests.

Free Contests for Super Bowl 51

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Free Super Bowl Contest

This year we are again offering two free contests for Super Bowl 51 – our “Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest” for all OSGA visitors and the Super Bowl, Super Totals contest for OSGA members. Now in its 10th year the “Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest” has contestants pick the winners of eight prop bets and then the winner and correct score of the Super Bowl. As a tie-breaker players will also have to choose the number of first downs the winning team has in the Big Game.


PRIZES: The winner of the SUPER EASY, SUPER BOWL Contest will receive CASH. This contest features a Top Prize of $300. This contest is for both OSGA members and non-members. In addition, any OSGA member who correctly identifies
seven of the eight prop bet winners, will be eligible for a Free $50 Visa gift card.

Become a Member Today!

ENTER the Super Easy, Super Bowl contest today! CLICK HERE!

This is the fourth year OSGA has offered a Super Bowl contest just for members. This year the prizes for the contest is a $100 Gift card! Players also have to  pick the correct score of the Super Bowl and any member who gets the exact score will get a $200 gift card! OSGA members can login to the Member Zone and head to the Members Forum to this great Members-Only offering. To ENTER this great free contest today, become a Member!!

OSGA has all the Super Bowl betting information you need! In addition to the free contests, check out original articles from top handicappers, free picks and more insights on the Big Game right here.

Enjoy Super Bowl 51.

OSGA Announces Winners of 2016 College Football Bowl Bonanza

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Congratulations to ‘bru38’, the winner of the 2016-2017 OSGA College Bowl Bonanza!

‘bru38’ beat out nearly 160 other players by picking twenty out of 32 College Bowl games correctly, against the spread! He hit at a fantastic win percentage of 63%. However, ‘GJtheDJ’ also picked 20 games correctly! So we had to go to the tie-breaker, the total number of points in the College Football Championship. When the explosion of points in the second half ballooned the total to 66, it really came down to who picked the highest total. ‘bru38’ had 65, giving him the win and the Grand Prize of $500 cash, courtesy of OSGA. ‘GJtheDJ’ had a total of 59 giving him the second place honors and $250.

The Bowl Contest also ended up in tie for third place with a total of 19 wins. Again, the tie-breaker was the deciding factor as ‘jazz6171′ had the exact total in the 35-31 win by Clemson claiming the 3rd place prize of $125, courtesy of OSGA. ‘Johnno’ also had 19 wins, but his tie-breaker went over the final total. Still he cashed for $75 for his effort. 

“It’s hard to believe that after 32 games Against the Spread that it all came down to the points in the NCAA Championship,” said OSGA President Jim Quinn. “After over a decade of running a Bowl Contest, it is still amazing that it usually comes down to the final game.”

The OSGA College Bowl Bonanza has had many years where a large portion of the field picked games at a rate of 60% or better, but with so many underdogs winning this year, only the top two finishers hit at that rate. Again this year the contest was using the point spread, adjusted prior to the start of the contest to ½ points to avoid pushes, and that was the deciding factor early on that propelled ‘bru38′ to victory. 

Five other players tied for 5th place. Again the total for the Championship was used and ”bstreaks’ hit the exact total, cashing for the $50 5th place prize.

This year the College Bowl Bonanza also featured two new prizes, a Consolation Prize consisting of a $25 Free Play at contest sponsor WagerWeb and a Bad Beat Prize for players who went 0-3 during the College Football Playoff games. Surprisingly 10 players did not pick more than 10 games correctly and earned a consolation prize. And, with Alabama losing in the National Championship, nearly 1/5 of the field is eligible for the Bad Beat Prize, where Elite-rated WagerWeb will give players a $100 match play based on a $100 deposit.

Thank you to everyone who participated in another great free contest from OSGA. Check back with OSGA for more free contests, including the Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest and Members-Only Super Bowl contest and our huge March Madness contest. 

OSGA Announces Winner of 2016 Pro Football Progressive Pick ‘Em Contest

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The Off Shore Gaming Association (OSGA) is pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 OSGA Pro Football Progressive Pick ‘Em Contest. OSGA sponsors two football contests that run for the full football season and the Progressive Pick ‘Em for Pro Football is now in its 10th year. Congratulations go out to ‘tammyb’, who beat out over 180 other contestants to win the huge cash grand prize.

The OSGA Pro Football Progressive Pick ‘Em was two contests in one! Each week there was also a prize winner of a free play at OSGA Elite-rated Bookmaker.eu. Every week the player with the most wins for that week was given a whopping $500 Free Play. Though a deposit was required, BookMaker gave away over $8000 in weekly prize Free Plays.

The second part of the contest is a season long “Progressive” pool that rewards players who pick all of the weeks’ games correctly. If no player hits all the games, the weekly $100 cash prize rolls over to the next week. In the three out of the last four years, the Progressive Jackpot has been hit multiple times (once for $1200) and this year, Week 8 saw ‘kevint’ cashing for $800. This win produced the full season prize pool at a maximum of $900.

With 171 wins ‘tammyb’ beat out the field by four games to cash in on 50% of the pool, $450 cash! ‘tammyb’ moved into first place in week 10 and never looked back picking winners at a rate of over 67%. ‘gpatek’ and ‘jellyroll’ tied for 2nd place with 167 wins. This effort rewards both players by splitting the 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Second place is 25% of the final Progressive Prize pool and 3rd place is 10%. Both ‘gpatek’ and ‘jellyroll’ will get 17.5% of the final pool – $157.50!

Fourth place went to ‘Tropicalsports’ who had 166 points and will receive a check for 10% of the prize pool, $90. 5th place ended up in a tie and so according to the rules, the players will split the combined 5th place prize (5% of the prize pool). However, After over 250 games ‘Bobby Gambler’ and ‘jcoleman65 ‘, both veterans of OSGA contests, had 165 points. Though this would have been good enough in past years to win bigger prizes, these two players were to split $45. But with both players having a tremendous season of picking games, here at OSGA we have decided to reward each of them with the 5% prize!

Every year players seem to be getting better and better at the Pick ‘Em. In all 40 players hit games at a clip of 60% or better with over 15 different players cashing in on prizes throughout the season.

“We are fortunate to be able to work with some top online sportsbooks to be able to offer these contests,” stated Jim Quinn from OSGA. “Every year this contest gets bigger and better and the players are getting smarter! This year we had 7 players tie for prizes in Week 12 and 5 players tie in Week 15,” added Quinn.

This has been another great year for the OSGA Progressive Pick ‘Em. OSGA is looking forward to crowning a winner in the 14th Annual Bowl Challenge next week. Players should make sure to check back for the annual College Basketball Tourney Contest in March.

Get your picks in for the 2016 OSGA College Bowl Bonanza

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Our annual Bowl Contest is up and ready for your picks!

The OSGA College Bowl Bonanza is back for yet another College Bowl season. The entries take just a few minutes to complete and the contest is free to enter. Check it out here. The deadline for entries is 1PM ET on Friday, December 23.

This year the annual NCAA Bowl Contest from OSGA is sponsored by Elite-rated WagerWeb and is bigger and better than ever. In its 14th year, the pick’em-style contest includes 32 bowl games and has a prize pool of $1000 . . . CASH. This contest is Against the Spread. OSGA has massaged the point spreads to make every game half-point decisions to avoid pushes. Players simply pick the winners of each bowl game (ATS) and then the correct score of the National Championship game as a tie-breaker. This all starts with the Popeye’s Bahamas Bowl on December 23rd.

This year we again using our tried and true software partners and this year’s contest is easy to understand, enter and put in your picks. The winning prize pool is all cash, no sportsbook prizes, no silly gamesjust winners!

But this year we have also added two prizes for those that fall off the leaderboard.

Consolation Prize – Free $25 NFL Bet
Any player who gets 10 points or less (10 wins or fewer) may be eligible for a Free $25 to wager on NFL football from Bowl Bonanza sponsor WagerWeb. The prize requires no deposit and is subject to approval. The $25 Free NFL Bet carries with it a 3X rollover and max win of $250.

Bad Beat Prize – $100 for $100: 100% Match Play
Any player who does not win a cash prize is eligible for the Bad Beat. Players who pick all 3 of the NCAA playoff games incorrectly may be eligible . Players who pick the losing team for the 2 playoff games on New Year’s Eve and the National Championship game will be considered for this prize. Players must deposit $100 at WagerWeb to claim this ‘Bad Beat’ prize. There is a 15X rollover on this enormous match play but unlimited winnings!

There is NO FEE to enter the OSGA College Bowl Bonanza and this year the prizes are again HUGE. The GRAND PRIZE of $500 is in Ca$h. The Runner-Up gets $250 cash. This year places 3 through 5 also get cash prizes – 3rd Place gets a $125, 4th – $75 and 5th place still gets $50. Check out the contest for the complete prize breakdown.

This contest takes just a few minutes to enter and there is No Entry Fee. Check it out at http://www.osga.com/bcscontest-2016/free-ncaa-bowl-challenge.html. The deadline for entries is 1PM ET on Friday, December 23. GOOD LUCK!

Trump may be preparing to approve RAWA

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Prior to running for president, Donald Trump made it clear that he was in favor of online gambling and believed the U.S. was falling behind other nations like the UK for an industry that was imminent. For that reason, many people, including myself, felt Trump would be good for gambling interests in the United States, if he won the election. But a reliable source close to the Republican party has told me that likely isn’t the case.

According to my source, who asked not to be named for obvious reasons, indicated that Trump’s advisors have told him to look for ways to mend some fences with Republican adversaries and his team believes this could be an easy way to do so without causing much upset with the public. Jason Chaffetz, the Representative from Utah, Lindsay Graham, the Senator from South Carolina and Marco Rubio, the Senator from Florida all co-sponsored Sheldon Adelson’s Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA) and all 3 were very vocal against Trump due to his language and actions during the campaign. This could be a way to solidify their support going forward.

RAWA aims to “clarify” the 1961 Wire Act so that all forms of communication including the internet are banned for gambling and to nullify the 2011 Department of Justice (DoJ) opinion which stated that The Wire Act only applies to sports betting. RAWA, as it is written does not provide a carve out for states that have already implemented online gambling so New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada would be in violation of the law, if RAWA passes. Only fantasy sports, lotteries and horse racing would be exempted since they were already legal per the Interstate Horse Racing Act and the UIGEA.

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson contributed millions to various Republican campaigns this election and per my source, Trump has secretly stated that he will sign RAWA if it gets to his desk. While Trump may have no issue with online gambling personally, he knows this is a pet project for Chaffetz, Graham and Rubio and it would also be a huge favor for a large Republican donor. And most importantly Trump and the party knows that online gambling is an issue that won’t upset too many in the public.

One concern of course is that Chris Christie legalized online gambling in New Jersey at the request of the casinos, legislators and public and despite the falling out recently between Christie and Trump (likely relating to Christie charging Trump’s son in law’s father), Trump still feels a debt of gratitude to Christie, who was one of the first to offer his support. This would be a great blow to Christie and to his constituents. How Trump will get around that issue is uncertain although my source feels there will be a solution all can live with. This will likely entail a grandfathering clause for New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada or possibly another form of compromise such as asking the courts to revisit New Jersey’s beef over PASPA and allow them to offer sports betting which is something that both the state’s racetracks and casinos have been requesting to help boost interest in their products by adding sports betting to the mix.

“The one wild card in all this is California.”

It’s uncertain if Adelson will agree to grandfathering in the three states currently offering the product but my source says it shouldn’t be an issue. Adelson does not have a casino in New Jersey nor does he want one and Nevada would be limited to what they currently offer which is strictly online poker. What Adelson is most afraid of is interstate casino gambling which he feels will open the floodgates and greatly harm land based casinos. As many will recall when Delaware tried to introduce sports betting, which they were entitled to do because of the carve out in PASPA, the courts told them they could only offer parlay tickets on NFL football rather than a full gamut of sports betting since that was all they were offering at the time. And poker is not a big money maker for the casinos, plus interest is waning for the product so there is a good chance Adelson will agree to the carve out if online casino games like blackjack, slots, roulette and craps are banned. And the bill sponsors will simply agree to follow Adelson’s stance since he has been leading the charge on this one since day one. As for the other casinos, the loud public support by MGM CEO Jim Murren for Hillary Clinton makes it easy for Trump to say he owes nothing to the current casino owners, who will certainly appeal the decision to rewrite the Wire Act.

The one wild card in all this is California. California has dilly dallied about online poker for some time now because of infighting between the state, the poker rooms and the tribes, so there is a question as to what will happen when they want to offer online poker. The logical answer is that Trump will say “too bad,” especially since California was a state that largely voted against him, but it’s almost certain that Trump would not want to upset a state he likely values for his business and will rely on after he finishes his presidency. I asked my source who said he truly doesn’t know how they will rectify that one but he says that if the other three states are grandfathered in, then California may be offered a one-time offer to opt out of RAWA the same way New Jersey was given the option of opting out of PASPA in 1992, despite not offering sports betting at the time. The likely proviso would be that the opt out would strictly be for poker.

So, for those who voted for Trump thinking he would open the gateways to online gambling if elected may very well find that the exact opposite is true. It’s unfortunate, but not surprising.

Read insights from Hartley Henderson every week here at OSGA and check out Hartley’s RUMOR MILL!

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