U.S. Politics - The next future bet to cash in on?

With the major sports still in limbo, the race for the next U.S. President is very much in play.

Future bets for the next U.S. Presidential election are abundant

As optimistic as we could be, still nobody has officially scheduled an NBA tip-off, an NHL puck-drop, an NFL kick-off or when an ump will yell batter-up yet. One thing is for sure. The U.S. will hold their Presidential election on Tuesday, November 3rd, now less than six months away. And with it, offers the most competitive and comprehensive future betting and proposition wagering menu currently available. You might think two guys in their 70's are set to meet in the Super Bowl if you visited the politics section at most of the top online sportsbooks.

No doubt, you can check the Daily Racing Form to handicap the limited number of racetracks still presenting spectator-less racing seven days a week, wager upon Russian table tennis, chess or "simulated" sports offered in the menus at the most trusted sportsbooks. But the most interesting future book action belongs to the U.S. combatants, President Donald J. Trump vs. former Vice President, Joseph "Sleepy Joe" Biden come November.

Future Betting Bonanza

A lot can happen within six months, which makes this such an intriguing and perhaps lucrative wagering opportunity for savvy bettors.  As of now, the two main candidates remain in a virtually deadlock.  Here is the head to head, courtesy of top sportsbook Bovada:

2020 US Presidential Election Winner

Donald Trump -120
Joe Biden +135
Hillary Clinton +2000
Andrew Cuomo +3000
Mike Pence  +6000
Michelle Obama +10000
Nikki Haley +15000

Perhaps a case could be made for longshot Cuomo here, but that would depend on Biden doubtfully resigning due to his current sexual assault allegation (or death). Otherwise, this is a two-man race in November. 

Election betting President United StatesBovada is also offering a large supplementary list of proposition wagering choices, akin to a major sporting event. Some offer some competitive good value. The following are a few favorites:

Which party will win the Popular Vote in the 2020 Presidential Election?

Democrats  -275
Republican +200

I would jump on this one now the way things are going according to the polls. Democrats -275 (or Biden) might be a better value than a Knicks-Bucks money line match-up in Milwaukee. Remember, like 2012, President Trump's only road to victory is winning a key group of electoral college states including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc.

Which party will win the State of Michigan?

Democrats – 180
Republican +135

Bovada had about a dozen state props listed, but this is the most even and the one state Trump desperately must win besides Pennsylvania and Ohio. If you're wearing a MAGA hat, you might want to seize a nice +135 opportunity here and waive it with your gun when the Michigan results come in. 

Which party will win the State of Florida?

Republican -170
Democrats +130

Hmmm. An opportunity the other way as it is highly unlikely "Sleepy Joe" can win Florida as Hillary Clinton did not in 2012 against Trump. Having Republican Governor Ron DeSantis as a strong ally this time will only help and -170 is an excellent investment. This line should only increase Trump favoritism over the next few months. 

Another Split?

Popular sportsbook BetOnline also offers several Presidential election prop bets including all 50 states within the electoral college individually to wager upon.   Another intriguing possibility is one candidate taking the electoral vote but losing the U.S. popular vote, as what happened in 2012.  Here are the current choices for 2020:

Donald Trump Election Special

To Lose Electoral College and Popular Vote   +140
To Win Electoral College and Popular Vote    +225
To Win Electoral College and Lose Popular Vote +225
To Lose Electoral College and Win Popular Vote +1400

No surprise here as "The Donald" surely knows his re-election fortunes rest on only one possibility. Again, capturing those key U.S. states, to seal a win in the electoral college. It would be a major upset to see him win both the electoral college and the popular vote. You could safely eliminate two of the four choices here.

If you're clamoring for some instant action, check out the prop from BetOnline for who Biden will select for his Vice President and running mate.  He is expected to announce that sometime over the next four to six weeks.  

Vice President on the US Election Ticket

Kamala Harris +185
Amy Klobucha +300
Elizabeth Warren +400
Gretchen Whitmer +1000
Michelle Obama +1000
Stacey Abrams +1200
C. Cortez Masto +1400
Hillary Clinton +2000
Tammy Duckworth +2500
Val Demings +3000
Tammy Baldwin +4000
Barack Obama
Tulsi Gabbard 

One of the amazing facets of the Coronavirus crisis and what it has taught us is how much we miss our sports and wagering upon them as well. While we desperately await word for the four major U.S. sports to begin play again, we are substituting the most bizarre foreign competitions and non-sporting events to supplement our betting desire.

Last week's NFL Draft broke all Nielsen records for an audience and helped all major sportsbooks enjoy some welcome wagering relief.  IF the Presidential election took place next Tuesday evening, it is likely that bettors would again be glued to their sets, wagering with both fists to determine the immediate future of the United States.

Here's praying that a baseball, a puck, a basketball or a football gets into play before November 3rd. We don't want to be screaming GO SLEEPY JOE or MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN to cash our "only bets" by then.    

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