Targeting the Best Bets During the 'Off Week'

After weeks off betting football and with one week until the Super Bowl players are urged to find bets on anything but the Pro Bowl.

Other sports offer better wagering oportunities than the Pro Bowl

No doubt this is the toughest week of the year for most seasoned bettors. Following 20 consecutive weeks or so pounding NFL and college football action to tuning in and wagering, there truly is a total void this weekend. Kind of like going cold turkey after two packs a day with not a drop to drink in the house.

Which brings us to the annual NFL Pro Bowl. Think of it as Nicorette Gum, wagering version. Believe what you want, but it ain't going to cure your smoking habit. And I beg you not to waste your hard-earned money betting upon this quickly forgotten exhibition game. The only difference this year are missing sideline Hawaiian shirts, as the NFL has moved the locale to Orlando. But a Mickey vs. Goofy scrimmage offers better competition than this always forgotten snooze fest. An ESPN time-filler, designed to promote the NFL and provide a luxury vacation with supplement paycheck for players and coaches.

If you really want to protest its existence, DON'T BET ON IT!! Along with a disappearing television audience, you'll quickly see the NFL drop it and make a case for how impactful wagering truly is to the league's existence. Similar to the Trump inauguration, the National Football League will get the message that (1) betting on football is enormously important to the game and (2) that they have to dream up some kind of meaningful football action to compel an audience to watch their sacred Pro Bowl.

Coming off the soapbox, here are a few reasonable suggestions to wager upon offered in the sports and entertainment world featured through our list of preferred offshore sportsbooks:


Yes, there indeed is a meaningful football game coming up shortly, but unfortunately, we'll have to wait about ten long days. It's called the Super Bowl. All recommended sports books have the first giant batch of props on the table for your careful Super Bowl LI study and consideration. We'll be back next week, of course, with only the most select to zero in upon. In the meantime, might as well get your pencil out taking initial notes.

Tennis Betting

The Australian Open is in the spotlight, while top seeds are jumping off the court faster than kangaroos. Lots of big profit opportunity if this is your game. Many of the top online sportsbooks including Bovada, BetOnline and Diamond Sports have spread and money line action. Plus, tennis futures focusing in on the upcoming French Open and, of course, Wimbledon. It might sound crazy but anything is better than betting on fill-in wide receivers trying to prioritize not getting hurt in the NFL Pro Bowl.

Betting on sportsNBA and NCAA Basketball

College basketball rules the world for the next few months with March Madness and the NCAA Tournament less than two months away. Will Villanova repeat or Kentucky and North Carolina be back as usual reclaiming top seeds? The UCLA Bruins are in the spotlight after so many years away making for an interesting headline. Look for top match-ups scheduled this weekend and more tournament props increasing at the most reliable offshore sportsbooks.

As for the NBA, good games this weekend on the card taking advantage of the long Super Bowl break. Plus, two more weeks before their ridiculous "All-Star Weekend". After Super Bowl week get ready to handicap the creative dunk contest, 3-point shooting display and rookie game. In the big East vs, West event, do you think the Over/Under will perhaps reach 325? Nobody plays defense in any All-Star game except baseball.


Admitting here that I cheated and had to Google this "sport" for critical info.

Prominently featured on all major sportsbooks wagering menus including BetOnline, the PDC Masters Tournament is scheduled on Saturday. That's the Professional Darts Corporation and their big event in Milton Keynes, England. The equivalent to about $250,000 is on target here. If I can find an ESPN channel televising the PDC, I might get into it. I'm worried it will make me want to want to leave the gym and become a professional pub master myself.

In case you're interested, a chap named Michael Van Gerwen is a huge futures favorite at -175. In his match he's a -6.5 darts favorite, which I suppose is equivalent to -42 points. This is one sport where both bettors and dart-tossers are ALL "sharps".

Golf Betting

The Farmers Insurance Open will get plenty of ESPN coverage this weekend, starting on Thursday. Look for odds to change as play continues.

Currently Dustin Johnson is the favorite at +800 with Jason Day at +900. These are the new guys in professional golf leading the way to The Masters in April, while Rory McIlroy mends his injuries and Bubba Watson deals with his temper. Good numbers on Justin Rose at +2000 at Bovada, who I suppose is in a bit of slump, leading to his favorable odds.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Hard to believe Tiger Woods is listed at +2500 at Bovada and likely should be +5000 or more but fervent fans will still loyally bet on him. Was it only yesterday that Tiger was a +300 favorite in any PGA event? Should a miracle victory occur, it's a mortal lock it will be the last time forever you will ever see anything close to +2500 next to Tiger's name.

Overall, this weekend I recommend you bet on a man or woman swinging a tennis racket or golf club. A pro or college player shooting a basketball or perhaps any bloke aiming a dart in England. But please, please don't wager a dollar on an NFL all-star getting a free paid vacation to Orlando to play football with a goal to not get injured, ruining his six months off.

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