On Super Bowl Sunday Your Prop Menu Continues To Grow

On Super Bowl Sunday, who needs to actually bet on football with an entire selection of non-gridiron wagering prop bets available.

The prop betting menu at online sports books contains many bets that have nothing to do with the actual game being played

It's that time again. When a twenty-week regimen of football wagering behavior seems to go out the window for the most seasoned handicappers. The Super Bowl is upon us in a week to ten days. That means serious study focusing on a play involving the game line, the total over/under or perhaps a teaser bet. Uhh uhh.

The Super Bowl is New Year's Eve. The one day (or night) that all rules seem to go out the window for many regarding executing logical decisions involving sports and odds calculation. Is it possible maintaining a consistent pattern of discipline when we ask ourselves to forecast how long the Star-Spangled Banner will last or estimate how much of JLo's butt cleavage will be on display during her halftime show?

Super Bowl 54 strange betting propsI'm taking a reverse attitude this year and suggesting "fun in moderation". The list of preferred sportsbooks has begun offering a giant array of proposition wagers that have nothing to do with the game of football. And to be fair, plenty that do as well. The best approach is to PREPARE NOW. Like snacking at a party, having some game plan and disciplined approach will yield better potential results.

It also is noteworthy to mention that it's still appreciated to have access to these fun types of wagers. Most U.S. states have written-in guidelines excluding these non-sports options from wagering. Several top offshore sportsbooks, including BetOnline, 5Dimes, Bovada and WagerWeb, continue to offer creative Super Bowl props answering their long-time customers' requests.

House Logic

If anything, the sportsbooks take a larger risk in these zany proposition wagers as there is no way to estimate balanced wagering. That is why there is a much more drastic cap on wagering to preclude them getting hit and for anyone to potentially 'fix' a non-sporting event wager with intent to profit. 

It's also difficult for sportsbooks to set an accurate line here compared to a traditional sporting event with a historical pattern. As a rule, favorites win most of these fun, colorful prop bets. They are priced accordingly with a heavy dose of favoritism. They don't win 100% of the time, but it's not a good plan to back the underdog. 

The great news for sportsbooks is the more non-sports props they offer along with the traditional Super Bowl props the more they add to their bottom line. They are their most profitable opportunities. The US states would only wish they could do this. Likely they are happy winning battles to obtain traditional sports wagering in state constitutions and very content to not beat the drum for this minor subject currently. 

Bovada Leads the Way

Most of the top sportsbooks have an ample menu of non-sports prop wagers to consider on Super Bowl Sunday but no one comes close to our friends at Bovada. Besides the estimated 200+ traditional football props to meditate on next week, the staff there has come up with a truly creative record-breaking list of non-sports props to bet upon. Here are some of my favorites including "expert" handicapping logic:

Puppy Bowl XVI - Will A Puppy Attempt to Mate?

Yes +350
No   -600

If you want to score points with your mate, watch the traditional pre Super Bowl-Puppy Bowl. Now, although these male hounds are not much different from us guys, they do know that this is serious big-time business.  They will have their game face on and NOT try any slick on camera moves. Consider No at -600 a lock and very reasonable odds to get your paws on.

National Anthem - Will Any Player Take A Knee During the National Anthem?

Yes +550
No  -1000

Anybody seen Colin Kaepernick lining up under center recently?  Might as well plunk down a $100 to pick up a guaranteed ten bucks. Another reminder why they severely limit the action on these props. There are liberal but ill-advised bettors that will be wagering Yes in hope this will actually happen.

Will President Donald Trump Attend the Game?

Donald Trump Super Bowl pop betYes +240
No   -380

This one is quite tricky. The Donald does live approximately 60 miles from Hard Rock Stadium, the site of Super Bowl 54 (and you thought it was The White House) at his mansion Mar a Lago. It will depend on distracting world summits, golf schedules and impeachment hearing strategies. I can give you inside info that he's likely to be in the South Florida area and Yes at +240 might be the one longshot play on the page to consider. 

Will A Fan Run onto The Field During the Game?

Yes +750
No  -2000

Too bad Bovada does not allow us to parlay these props. This would be an excellent choice to pair with no player taking a knee during National Anthem. Any fan would be tackled harder than 49ers Nick Bosa on a blitz by ten security guards before they dreamed of seeing the 10-yard line. Maximum security details have been planned for two years for our most sacred U.S. sports holiday.    

Will Fox Broadcast Mention the Point Spread or Total During the Broadcast?

Yes +190
No   -290

Another wager where an accurate line was difficult to make indicating potential opportunity. I'm going for Yes here at a nice current +190 price. Although the NFL and Commissioner Goodell doesn't officially approve, featured NFL announcer Joe Buck has dropped a hint regarding either the point spread or total in the past. The very narrow point spread, and high O/U total also lends itself toward nice reward. In the over four-hour broadcast, asking either Buck or color man Troy Aikman to mention the spread or total just once is a reasonable bet at favorable Yes odds.

Overall, the Super Bowl is the one long day of the year both the seasoned veteran bettor and complete novice unite with interest. It's fun to boast you might have covered the O/U for Patrick Mahomes passing yardage or predicted whether a safety would be scored at long odds. Knowing how much skin JLo will reveal at halftime . . . well, that takes some serious handicapping study and deserves generous reward. 

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