JustBet and Ucabet find new office space

This week saw Just Bet and Ucabet relocate their offices in a move that will end up benefiting players in the long run.

This week saw a couple of Elite-rated online sportsbooks relocate their offices in a move that will end up benefiting players in the long run. The JustBet family of sportsbooks has made the move from their long-time facilities in Cariari, on the outskirts of San Jose, into the building that houses BookMaker, one of the largest and most respected sportsbooks in the world.

JustBet orchestrated this move over the slowest time of the year for U.S.-facing sportsbooks, the MLB All-Star break, to minimize the impact on its players and expected there to be a seamless transition. However, we heard from several players who could not get through on the phone lines, had their account balances incorrect ( or missing) and were completely unaware that their sportsbooks was moving in with the Costa Rica giant. Still, just a few days after leaving their own offices, JustBet is now up and running, fully functional and the problems we heard about in initial calls, chats and emails have all been rectified.

For JustBet and Ucabet players, this may end up being a good thing. We had these books highly rated due not only to the quality of management and the deep pockets of their backing, but because they have always excelled in the areas of generous bonuses, excellent customer service and fast payouts. Now players will be able to get the early lines (BookMaker posts them before almost everyone), higher betting limits, more wagering options and live-betting Play-by-Play in Real-Time.

The General Manager of Just Bet told us that he was trying to give players the things they "really wanted", that were difficult for the smaller JustBet outfit to offer. "We wanted to take our company to the next level and by aligning ourselves with the industry leader, we expect to get there . . . quickly." He added, "I know that our customers will be quite pleased this football season with all of the new services we will be offering."

We have always held great regard for JustBet and its sister sportsbooks. They have had so few complaints in nearly 20 years of operation, they should be on every gamblers' list of top online sportsbooks. The latest move by this book only strengthens their brands and moves them into the next generation of sportsbetting.

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