Delays at BetAnySports no cause for concern

Continued problems with a software rollout have spawned rumors and caused players to worry.

We posted earlier in the week that top-rated online sportsbook BetAnySports was taking down their website to do some upgrades and maintenance. Several days later, not everything is unicorns and rainbows at and players have contacted us wondering, "What is going on?"

As many customers of both BetAnySports will remember, back in September of 2020, they purchased the software package that had been run by 5Dimes for them for many years. When 5D stopped taking bets from U.S. players, BetAnySports was left to implement and run what many bettors believe is the top betting software, in-house. This caused delays and implementation was a bit rough. It took several days, but players were mildly surprised to see the exact same interface running, but with enhancements. 

This delay is no different. BAS has taken their great betting software and enhanced it for a greater player experience.

Significant Delays

BetAnySports website problemsUnfortunately, five days later, the website is still not at 100%. As the upgrade progresses, bettors may notice that certain elements of the website are a little glitchy during this time. We spoke to BAS about player concerns. The #1 thing: safety. Management at BetAnySports told us, "Rest assured that all customer data and, of course, funds are completely safe and secure at this time." 

We understand that these types of rollouts can create some challenges, but with a shop like BetAnySports, these are not long-term concerns. Even though some players are experiencing a few bugs as of right now, we expect the site will be back to normal very soon, though management could not give an exact time-frame.


With the extended delays come speculation and of course, rumors. As the upgrade has dragged on, stories surfaced indicating that the company has been sold or that new management had been put in place. Rest assured, ownership for BetAnySports remains the same, as does management.

One of the principles at BAS told us, "This is a period of growth for the company, which is why we have made this investment into new software to improve the customer experience."

So players can muddle through over the weekend and expect to see everything functioning at a high level in the next few days. But one thing is for sure, website problems do not affect how solid a sportsbook is.  BetAnySports has proven over the lasts two decades that they are here for the long haul, despite repeated, extended delays implementing huge software upgrades twice within 10 months.

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