BetAnySports will deal 5Dimes betting lines and options

5Dimes players who are lost looking for options to wager online can find a home at BetAnySports.

Players in America, as of yesterday, were no longer able to bet with industry-giant 5Dimes. The good news for 5Dimes players is that BetAnySports has instituted the same betting software, promos and Live betting as as their former provider.

BetAnySports started nearly 20 years ago as an English speaking site from Vietnamese betting giant, VietBet. They moved a little over a decade ago and found a new service provider in 5Dimes. For many years they used the betting software, web services and overflow call center from 5D in an arrangement that benefitted both parties. But, according to our sources, BetAnySports has been working behind the scenes on "BAS 2.0" for several months.

betanysports deals 5dimes linesThe recent announcement by 5Dimes solidified the split by BetAnySports. They now use the same exact software and lines, but have access to "everything that 5Dimes offered"

In a recent conversation with BAS/VietBet we were told that they are finally able to get all of the pieces of the software that made 5Dimes so popular with bettors, including -1 baseball lines, -105 oddss and the ability to parlay literally anything. Management told us, "We are happy to continue to offer the same product as we have for years. But now, without the involvement of 5Dimes, we have the ability to do more and go further to enhance the betting experience for our players."

Visitors to will find a very slick face to the website. But, once logged in, the betting interface will look almost exactly like that of 5Dimes. Reduced Juice lines are available and players will see the same things that makes 5Dimes such a great place to bet on American sports. In addition, BAS has leased the same lottery software and will offer Pick 3 and Pick 4 tickets from many states. As we reported last week, many clerks and key people have already left 5Dimes, many for BetAnySports. So, players who call into customer service and to place bets, may even find some of the same clerks that they had at 5Dimes.

So, players how have enjoyed BetAnySports for many years now will get more of a betting menu and some better bonuses and options, including cash back. And 5dimes players, who aren't willing to shop around can find a new home at

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