AllSports247 uses bogus claim to stiff player

New sportsbook has used a rule, not posted on their website, to confiscate a players' winnings.

***** OSGA Bad Bet Alert *****

Avoid: AllSports247,

Reason for today's alert: Legitimate non-payout claim

Blacklist Notes: This new outfit started back in June 2016 and appeared OK through most of the football season. However, they have taken a shot at a player who won $5,000 and refuse to pay his winnings. After several months of betting, a player was told that his action was a 'non-recreational' and in accordance with their rules, AllSports247 was going to confiscate his balance and refund his original $400 deposit. After a month he has not even been repaid the original deposit. The bottom line, this player is now in a No Pay situation.

AllSports247 scamSpecific Notes: OSGA was first contacted by a player who received word that his winnings were being confiscated by AllSports247 for non-recreational play, in compliance with their rules. We scanned the website and there is no such rule. The player sent us some of the correspondence he had with 'management' and a screen shot of many of his plays. We contacted AllSports247 several times and they finally responded, noting that the player was labelled as sharp due to the "fact that he requests very precise (and at times unusual) line adjustments."

We had independent linesmakers and fraud personnel review the action from this player and were told by one that his action was 'the definition of recreational'. We pointed this out to AllSports247 and they have not responded. AllSports247 also allowed him to place huge bets, in hopes that he woud lose. Our review revealed that this player is a smart person, but a novice bettor who simply played smart and got lucky.

We identified AllSports247 as a new operation and outlined several reasons to avoid them at that time. This site is using the price-per-head model and almost every sportsbook that has gone out of business in recent years has used this type of enterprise to operate. In addition, as a smaller book they have big limits . . .up to 5K and recently are offering an unheard of no rollover bonus to entice players.

If continues to operate, what will happen to the next player who wins several thousand dollars? Thus, we are recommending that players simply avoid

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