A look at this brand new sportsbook which only popped up in the last few months.

This report is listed more as a Bad Bet warning as this place is brand new. 

OSGA will not recommend a sportsbook as valid until they get through one football AND baseball season, no matter who they are. started June 2016. This no frills website with an 'Agent Login' link at the top was an early indicator that this book is using the price-per-head (PPH) model, where the sportsbook can setup a website, call center and customer service by simply signing up with a PPH service for very little up-front investment. These new operators then buy or use a list of verified players and start calling and emailing prospective clients. These new operators can typically take money in easily, but often have very few methods of sending funds back to U.S. players. And certainly no methods to send back big money..

Clicking on the sportsbook page reveals that very little time was spent creating this brand – "The Casino & Sportsbook has been in business for over 12 years". This blatantly false and where is the AllSports247 name in the sentence? Many inside pages have similar generic references. The Contact us link has no email address. In 2016, even 80 year olds correspond through email.

There are so many problems and errors throughout this website, it is hard to beleive that AllSports247 is a legitimate business that plans on sticking around for any time in this industry. 

We would not send our money to this sportsbook. AVOID.

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