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Offshore Report : Bad Bet Updates

World Sports Exchange Makes the 'Bad Bets' list

By: Jim Quinn
Published: Sep 28, 2012

***** OSGA Bad Bet Alert *****


Reason for today's alert: legitimate non-payout claims

Blacklist Notes: WSEX was started in the late 90's in Antigua and for many years was the top book in that country. Over the past few years banking and a host of management (or mismanagement) problems have plagued this once Elite-rated book. We had many slow payout complaints on them in 2011 and were able to get most every player paid, with the assurance that money was on the way to the rest of the players. Unfortunately, the last person that we were able to assist was over the summer of 2012. Since then WSEX has not responded to our e-mails and several players are now in a No Pay situation.

Specific Notes: World Sports Exchange came onto the scene as one of the first books to offer reduced juice, live 'in-game' betting and a ton of outstanding betting options for players. Over the last decade they were one of the top books anywhere and after the closing of WWTS were the largest and most respected book in Antigua. However, a slew of slow payout complaints were reported in 2011 and while OSGA was able to get many players paid, others were left hanging. WSEX had told us that they were sending checks and payouts to two players who never received them. These players ( and OSGA) were told over and over by WSEX that they would be paid, only to have deadlines pass and the payouts never materialize. We had rumors and had confirmed reports that new, smaller players were getting paid, but at this point we find it hard to believe any money is flowing out of WSEX. A recent complaint came in from a player who only opened an account in 2012. Though we still have some respect for what WSEX did for the industry in its infancy, the non-payout complaints are growing and their reputation is now forever tarnished. There is at least one player who is approaching 2 years of waiting. Thus, we now are recommending that players simply avoid WSEX altogether.

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