Understand all a PPH service has to offer

A look at the services offered from a Price Per Head provider, many of which are under-utilized by bookmakers.

We’'re often shocked at how many bookies don't utilize over half of the features provided to them by a pay per head (PPH) service. We want to change that by detailing all PPH features.

A price per head is more than just a software suite to power a gambling website.

And with just one account there are endless possibilities.

Price Per Head Features List

These are features a quality price per head should offer. If they don't have these features below, it's time to make the switch to a company like PayPerHead247, as they have all of these features.

PayPerHead247 has been an industry leader for more than 20 years.

Here are the pay per head features every Price Per Head operator should be utilizing:

Sportsbook: The main feature is the bookie software. Always ask for a demo to analyze the UI/UX. Also check out the size of the betting board (sports and bet types offered).

Live Betting: The sportsbook needs to have live betting. Not only will live betting increase the amount of turnover and handle, but the vig is also higher.

Casino: Did you know casino players generate more profits than sports bettors? Thus, promote the casino as much as possible. While most PPH services have a virtual casino, you want a PPH that also offers a live dealer casino with real people dealing the cards.

Racebook: Horse racing is one of the most widely bet on sports around the world. With the best PPH services, bookies are able to offer a complete online racebook.

Poker: Only the best pay per head providers have online poker. Bookies can run local poker games with their player base. Cash games and tournaments are both supported.

betting oddsOddsmakers: Don't rely on an odds feed to keep your odds sharp. The biggest pay per head services have in-house oddsmakers that maintain the betting lines 24/7.

Reports: Bookies need to track their financials daily. The reporting features are overlooked by a lot of bookies. To be successful, bookmakers need to analyze the reports. They need to know where they are making money and where they're losing money.

Support: A pay per head should offer player support and bookie support. It’s one less thing a bookie needs to worry about when a PPH has a fully-staffed call center.

Website/Server Management: NO technical skills needed! PPH services will manage the website and server to ensure that there is never any downtime that costs you money.

Agents: Bookies need the ability to have sub-agents work under them. Some PPH services make this easy by having dedicated statistics and reports on agents.

Make sure to take full advantage of all of the features offered by the price per head service provider.

If they're lacking some of these features, it's time to make the switch to a provider that continues to develop and innovate. PayPerHead247 has every single feature that we've listed above.

Contact a clerk today and an account can be set-up instantly on a four-week free trial.

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