Don't Bet With Your Heart

Some betting tips to help take the emotions out of wagering on games.

Sometimes, ardent sports enthusiasts get emotional when they wager on their favorite teams. They keenly watch their games hoping to win and make profits.

You can lose a bookies bet if you placed it based on emotions rather than a team's winning probability. Here are the six reasons why you should always wager with your head and not with your heart.

1.  Research Is Necessary

You can get excited backing a certain team, especially if it has a good performance record. Research shows that this excitement overwhelms some bettors and their emotions start controlling them as they bet. This makes them pick teams with low winning probabilities and fail to research them.

Betting tips odds emotionsFor instance, Liverpool FC, fondly known as the Reds, might be your favorite team and you have won most of the wagers you have been placing on it. Even so, the Reds can play against Manchester City in an upcoming English Premier League (EPL) game. Both teams might have equal winning chances and it will be risky to place a Win-Draw-Win bet.

Instead, you can analyze other games with different favorites such as Chelsea vs Burnley, Manchester United vs Newcastle United, and West Ham vs Norwich City. Check each team's head-to-head statistics, current form, and previous matches.

2.  Better Profit-Making Opportunities

Efficient money management and having a clear gambling strategy will significantly increase your winning chances. Sports bets, unlike casino games, allow gamblers to do thorough research to win more bets. Games might have some unexpected outcomes but you are likely to make steady profits when you back clear favorites.

For example, Juventus and Inter Milan might have slim chances of winning their next matches. Thus, you will get close to 2.0 odds if you combine both teams with an extra favorite.

3.  Reduces Gambling Challenges

Studies show that people who gamble to forget about the challenges they are facing at home or school are likely to get addicted to it. Besides, they tend to incur many sources, as they aren't calm while predicting possible outcomes. But, you can allocate a specific amount of money for sports bets and avoid overspending on them to an extent of neglecting your basic needs and responsibilities.

4.  Lack of Control

Losing streaks are common in gambling. Yet, some people get obsessed with recovering the money they have lost and concentrate on chasing losses.

They increase their stakes and the number of sporting events they add to their bet slips. This often results in more losses and frustrations.

5.  Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can have a huge impact on an individual's life. Yet, some people underestimate its power. Generally, we are the ones who choose whether our mind frame will negatively or positively affect our lives.

Having positive thoughts can improve your life while negative thoughts can make it worse. Some people overlook what they have and constantly think about things that they believe will make them happy. Positive thoughts trigger positive emotions that help gamblers think rationally hence making the right sports predictions.

6.  It Prevents You From Making Costly Mistakes

Being emotionally unstable will make you take a long time to concentrate on a game. For instance, it can make you believe that a certain match will have more than two goals in each half and you can place an Over 2.5 wager on the first half. Unfortunately, things might go against your prediction in the first 35 minutes and you end up being hopeless.

emotional betting lossesYou might place an Over 1.5 wager on the same half hoping that it will have at least two goals. One of the teams can score the first goal, less than five minutes before halftime and the score remains the same when the referee blows the whistle. So, you will lose two bets on one-half.

Sports betting affects gamblers in different ways. It is a form of entertainment for some people and other individuals to show loyalty to their favorite teams.

You risk losing your money despite your reason for betting. Thus, it is advisable to use the latest players' and teams' statistics to increase your winning chances and bet for a long period.

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