Gift Cards as a Payment Option

Using gift cards to pay PPH fees is a great way to stay anonymous.

What’s one of the major concerns for a sportsbook owner? Getting caught.

Bookies need to do their best to remain anonymous and keep their business private.

That’s actually very easy to do if bookmakers partner with a pay per head service.

Benefits of Using a Pay Per Head Service

First, let’s take a look at the benefits of using a PPH service in regards to anonymity.

Data Held Offshore: PPH companies operate offshore where it's legal to run sportsbooks and that means any data will always remain offshore on the company's servers.

Hosting Is Handled: Bookies don’t want a server in their name hosting offshore betting sites. It's a quick way to get busted, as there’s no deniability if a bookie is hosting sportsbooks.

PPH companies handle the hosting using offshore servers in the countries they operate in.

Even if the server becomes compromised, no one knows the actual owners of the betting sites. This is why bookies should always use the free hosting provided by a PPH service.

No Personal Information: Any legit PPH service will avoid asking for any personal info. Only an email account is necessary to sign-up to a PPH shop. Most don’t even need a name associated with the account.

Paying Pay Per Head Fees

While a PPH may not ask for personal information, bookies need to be smart about how they pay the weekly fees. Those using a PayPal account, bank account or credit card, are losing anonymity.

This  isn't to say that PPH companies will use personal information in a negative way, but now there’s a paper trail showing weekly payments made to an offshore sports betting company.

Bookmakers want to avoid this, as they don’t want a local bank having this information.

So, how to pay for the weekly PPH fees? There are several ways that we recommend.

Gift Cards: Find a pay per head bookie solution with Vanilla gift cards as a payment method. Not all services offer this payment method, but it's ideal.

Cryptocurrencies: The fees for cryptocurrencies vary, but some of them have extremely small fees to send or receive money. There’s also the benefit of remaining anonymous.

These are the two best methods for paying your PPH fees every week.

Concerned About Anonymity?

As mentioned in the introduction of this guide, some bookies are overly concerned about keeping their personal information private. While it is a good practice, it's not a huge concern.

When’s the last time you heard of a small offshore bookie having legal problems? It's basically never.

What bookies should be more concerned about is who  they’re dealing with, if operating locally.

Bookmakers have a much higher chance of getting into trouble if onboarding local players that aren't well known because they can end up going to law enforcement if the relationship sours. 

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