Top 3 Reasons Sportsbooks Will Kick You Out: Number Two

The second of a three part series outlining reasons bookies and sports books will refuse action from certain players.

In the first part of this series we discussed why sharp players and bettors who follow wise action are one of the reasons that a sportsbook will ban a player from their establishment. But, we also noted that this is a very small  percentage of players. In this section, we will be discussing the #2 reason that a sports book will boot a player.

Sports book world wide are looking for all of a players' action. By that we mean the bulk of a players' bets are placed with one outlet. Players can fire away on sides and over/unders, throw in some parlays or teasers and fire an occasional fun play on something like the Oscars or the Presidential election and the sportsbooks will do everything to keep you coming back and keep you playing with them. What a sportsbook does not want is a player who cherry picks props, plays halftimes and first five innings and does limited, thoughtful live betting.

odds futures props banned sports bettingPlayers are always looking for an edge and often that can be had with bets that do not involve the actual outcome of a game or match. Betting halftime lines, especially second halves, can be a real boost to a players bankroll. In today's world of analytics and pitch counts, playing the first 5 innings of a MLB game has become a regular bet, where years ago many sportsbooks did not even offer this type of wager. These bets are put up by the sports book as an add on to the meal, not the main course. And that main course is full game betting, betting on sides and totals of games. Sportsbooks are looking for this type of action from their players. Sides and Totals are the meat and potatoes of a sportsbooks' bottom line and players who do not show full game action are often scrutinized.

Bettors looking for player props whose line may appear to be a bit off or finding that gem of a golfer who just  happens to love a certain course is not the type of player most bookies are looking for. A sportsbook owner who constantly limited players who played only halftimes told me that he wanted "all of the players' action". He said the only reason that some players played with him was because of his vast betting menu.  In one particular case he told me, "I guarantee you that this guy is playing full games somewhere else, maybe getting reduced juice. I don't want players giving their full action to someone else and picking my lines apart for halftime action."

Some would say that these are just smart bettors, players who shop lines and bets looking for value and a way to win. But the sportsbooks will tell you that these lines are posted for 'recreational' players, as something fun for players and profitable for bookmakers. Players who ONLY gamble on this type of bet, will often find themselves with lower betting limits and eventually may be shown the door.

Firing away only at oddball props may also get you in hot water with your sports book. If you only bet on things like Super Bowl futures, movie premiers or NBA MVP, the sportsbook may think that your account is of so little value to them, that you could end up being treated like a second class citizen. The reasoning here is that if you would win an MVP NBA bet on a player at 8-1 and you don't bet again until election night, the sportsbook has very little opportunity to win back the money from your MVP bet. 

As we said in part 1 of this series, sportsbooks don't hate winners. But they aren't fans of players who single out halftime or quarter lines, play only prop bets and beat them consistently with this type of action.

Check back tomorrow as we let you know the #1 thing that will get you tossed from a sportsbook.

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