Scam Sportsbook BetMayor resurfaces as WagerWin

OSGA has now received the proof necessary to connect the dots between the two sportsbooks.

An ongoing OSGA investigation has finally revealed that the rumors from three months ago are true – is simply a re-incarnation of the defunct scam sportsbook,

In the summer of 2015 BetMayor, which had been in operation of about two years went belly up, stiffing a large handful of players in the process. Within a week, a brand new sportsbook, WagerWin had opened up. WagerWin had many similarities, but the final word would be if Jeff from BetMayor was found to be Ricky from WagerWin. This week, our confidential sources in Costa Rica have confirmed, Rodrigo, the founder of BetMayor, is both Jeff and Ricky!

OSGA has received the proof necessary to connect the dots between the two sportsbooks.

There were all the signs that something was amiss when BetMayor went out of business. A new sportsbook opened called WagerWin and they were contacting old BetMayor clients. WagerWin had the same bonus offers that BetMayor had been promoting at the time of their demise and pages of the website, including the Rules and Terms and Conditions pages were identical. In fact, the same software company built multiple websites for Rodrigo, including both sportsbooks, and the phantom company Media-Tech 360 that was supposed to 'purchase' both BetMayor and the floundering Global Bet.

According to our sources, at least one part of the original story is true. One of the original BetMayor partners did leave to start CRSportsbet and took with him some funds and the ability for the sportsbook to process credit cards. This not only depleted the reserves of BetMayor, but it also prompted Rodrigo to team up with another book that has since gone under, GlobalBet. Together the two sportsbook hatched the Media-Tech smokescreen in an effort to buy time for them until football season. But time was not on their side and within a few weeks both GlobalBet and BetMayor closed up shop.

Enter WagerWin.

There were many rumors and suppositions about this book being related to BetMayor and we ran down several leads, only to come up at a dead end to prove that the two sprosbooks were related. However, recent information has come to light proving that they are not just related, but that WagerWin is owned and operated by the same proprietor as Betmayor - Rodrigo . . . aka Jeff . . . aka Ricky.

And we have already had complaints against WagerWin. In fact, one player who won a ton of money at GlobalBet was invited to play at WagerWin and is currently having issues being paid. That is probably because, as our source describes, 'Ricky' is using player's deposits to pay winning players. He basically is running without a net or reserves to pay players.

Regardless of whether we post this or not, it does not appear that WagerWin will make it through this football season. The same mistakes made by Rodrigo with BetMayor are already happening. His fall back plan again appears to be to just stiff players and run with whatever money is left.

This is a notice to all players – do not send ANY money to WagerWin.

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