Outstanding 5Dimes Refunds Now Being Processed

Welcome news for U.S. players who did not get paid by the end of September - refunds are now being processed.

5D players who were waiting can finally get paid

Players in the United States who did not get a refund when sportsbook giant 5Dimes closed up for Americans at the end of September finally are able to request a refund.

5dimes refundsWhen 5Dimes made the announcement of shutting out U.S. players just prior for the lucrative NFL season many thought it was a ploy to confiscate players funds. That rumor was quickly dispelled when tens of thousands of players were able to get their funds out of the sportsbook prior to the September 30th deadline that had been agreed to by 5D and the U.S. Department of Justice (DoJ). Unfortunately, not every player did receive funds and appeared to be left in limbo.

Players were informed that Epiq Global would be dispersing any remaining funds and players should refer to a website they setup.

Refunds now available

We are happy to report that website, PlayerRefund.com, now has a way for players to request any outstanding funds! In addition the website has contact information and other useful facts.

Some Questions Answered

Players have been asking us questions that to date we were unable to answer. The top question on players' minds is will they be reported to the DoJ and will their refunds be reported to the IRS. It appears that the answer to both questions is no. According to the website, "The U.S. Department of Justice did not request nor requires individual information reporting as a condition for authorizing the third-party administrator" to disburse funds to players.

Players are also wondering what kind of 'administration fees' will be coming out of their refunds. We were told when calling the toll-free number at Epiq that players would be reimbursed in full.

Submitting Requests

The only place where players can submit their requests for a refund is at playerrefund.com. They are not accepting requests via the phone, email or snail mail. To get started players will need a Unique ID and PIN that is on a notice received in an email or on a postcard via U.S mail. Players who did not get the notice or lost it, must contact the 5Dimes Refund Administrator by calling 1-888-490-0114 to get the information sent again.

Currently there are four methods of payout  - PayPal, Venmo, Digital Mastercard and a physical check. We were surprised to see PayPal on the list and currently the 5Dimes Refund Administrator is having issues with the Ebay-owned money processor, as well as Venmo. There are currently no time frames for how long a refund will take and this is all relatively new for Epiq, as our recent call to the hotline was unable to yield any new answers for players.

In the original statements from 5Dimes, they noted that any money not requested and paid out within a year would  be forfeited. the PlayerRefund site clearly states that "any funds remaining unclaimed as of September 30, 2021 will be deemed forfeited to the U.S. Government."

5Dimes customers are urged to check the website and request refunds sooner rather than later. Players who are having a problem with the website or know of a customer who does not have Internet access, should contact us here at OSGA. We are happy to assist so that every 5Dimes player gets paid.

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