NFL 2023 Week 2 Odds And Lookahead Lines

FairwayJay chips in NFL Week 2 odds and lookahead lines with betting insight and information you can bet on.

Each week during the NFL season, select leading online sportsbooks release the advance betting lines for the following week’s games. These lines offer a glimpse at the projected betting lines up to 10 days in advance of the games. This week we provide and evaluate the 2023 NFL Week 2 lookahead lines from BetOnline and the Westgate SuperBook in Las Vegas. 

I'll chip-in and update these advance odds and NFL lookahead lines, and also add some insight on the market moves and betting data supporting the teams. 

You can follow some of my weekly NFL updates at Forbes, including Week 1. I also provide my weekly NFL underdog picks and look to continue our winning ways in NFL Week 1 following a 6-year-record posting underdog picks of 162-117 ATS (58.1%) including a 70% season in 2021 of 28-12 ATS with 21 outright winners.

NFL look ahead oddsThese ‘NFL Lookahead Lines’ or advance lines can be useful in not only projecting ahead to next week’s games and lines, but also to keep you from over-reacting to one game or the upcoming games results. That includes on the Detroit Lions (+6.5 down to +3.5) road win 21-20 over the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs Thursday night. The market has already reacted to the Chiefs Week 2 game at Jacksonville with the lookahead line KC -3 and now down to -2.5 before the Jaguars even play their Week 1 game against the Indianapolis Colts. 

Comparing the lookahead lines before games are played on Sunday to the actual opening numbers on Sunday following each weeks games should help you identify potential line value. Yet understand there are high levels of variance in games and through a short season. 

How to use Lookahead Lines

We’ll be updating the NFL advance lines each week to allow you a sneak peak at the projected lines for the following week’s games. This advance information from top online sportsbooks provides lessons in understanding lines and projections before the current week’s games are played.

The tendencies for many bettors is to over-react to previous weeks’ scores and results. The lookahead lines provide a sense of stability from the linemaker, who is unbiased in setting the lines in advance without the information from the current week’s contests. 

Bettors can also gain an edge or find value in the lines once the current week’s lines are released. They do this based on not only a potential over-reaction to the recent week’s results, but by using information they have on teams including power rankings. Making adjustments is part of the process, along with formulating an opinion on certain teams. This can be based on personnel, injuries, situations and stats that come to light as the season progresses.

As you become more astute in your evaluations, betting and handicapping, you'll be able to use your skills to project and time the market better and make more +EV bets ahead of market moves. 

NFL Week 2 Lookahead Lines 

Week 2 look ahead lines includes 5 division games including a Monday Night Football division doubleheader on Sept. 18. Over/Under game totals also included.

NFL Week 2 Games BetOnline SuperBook
Minnesota at Philadelphia (Thurs) PHI -7 and 49.5 PHI -7 and 48.5
LA Chargers at Tennessee NL LAC -3 and 46.5
Green Bay at Atlanta NL ATL -1.5 and 41.5
Indianapolis at Houston NL HOU -2 and 41
Kansas City at Jacksonville NL KC -3
Chicago at Tampa Bay CHI -1.5 and 44 CHI -1.5 and 44
Las Vegas at Buffalo BUF -9.5 and 47.5 BUF -9.5 and 47.5
Seattle at Detroit NL DET -3 
Baltimore at Cincinnati CIN -3 and 47.5 CIN -3.5 and 47.5
New York Giants at Arizona NYG -6 and 38.5 NYG -5.5 and 38
San Francisco at Los Angeles Rams SF -6 and 42.5 SF -6 and 42.5
New York Jets at Dallas DAL -3 and 45.5 DAL -3 and 46.5
Washington at Denver DEN -3.5 and 41.5 DEN -3 and 41.5
Miami at New England (SNF) MIA -1.5 and 44.5 MIA -2 and 45
New Orleans at Carolina NO -1.5 and 42.5 NO -1.5 and 42.5
Cleveland at Pittsburgh PIT -1 and 43 PIT -1 and 43.5

You'll see some differences in the advance lookahead lines from leading online sportsbooks, including MyBookie, who has the Dolphins -2.5, Saints -2.5 and Falcons, Bears and Colts all Pk 'em or -0.5. 

As you evaluate, watch and wager and live bet on the Week 1 games, be sure you review box scores, impactful injuries, misleading stats and meaningful data from each week's results. From there you can see where the bookmaker posts the following week’s lines on Sunday and Monday, and compare them to the lookahead lines and market moves during the week.

In the weeks ahead, we'll compare the lookahead lines to current lines following each week's results. We'll shoot to chip-in added insight on key injuries, stats and situations that impact the market moves.

You can bet on it.

FairwayJay is a proven sports handicapper with unparalleled success in NFL pointspread prognosis. Fairway is recognized as one of the sports industry's insightful analysts, and he chips in additional sports betting coverage and reporting on industry news and events. Follow FairwayJay here at and on X (Twitter) @FairwayJay for more sports betting insights.   

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