Weekly winners from FairwayJay gave bettors huge profits throughout the 2021 NFL season

Sports betting expert and OSGA columnist FairwayJay beat the odds with NFL underdogs and cashed in big for the 2021 season.

FairwayJay found winning underdogs all season long

FairwayJay crushed it this season posting weekly NFL underdog picks for Off Shore Gaming Association. Bettors rushed to the window with FairwayJay's point of attack play and picks producing a record of 28-12 ATS (70.0%) following a 3-0 sweep in Week 18. A proven performer for the past five seasons posting free picks at OSGA, FairwayJay's NFL underdog picks are now 130-91 ATS (58.8%) with 68 outright winners.

winning underdog picks fairway jayA good season for NFL handicappers is winning 55-56% ATS selecting sides, or including totals. A great season is winning 60% or more of your picks over 17 weeks, or in 2021 the first season with 18 weeks with the expansion to an 17-game schedule.

When a handicapper can hit better than 65% or an elite 70% ATS rate, well that's a very, very rare and desirable accomplishment. Followers of FairwayJay witnessed such a performance in the 2021 NFL season, as the longtime Off Shore Gaming Association contributor, handicapper, writer and reporter posted a record of 28-12 ATS selecting only underdogs including 21 outright winners.

"Game selection on our picks was better this season despite having to navigate and monitor more COVID-19 issues, line adjustments and players status each week", said FairwayJay. "It was a good year for underdogs and fun to capitalize and profit from the experience this season."

Here is a 2021-22 season recap of FairwayJay's NFL underdog picks (bold = outright underdog winners). 

Week Game Picks Won/Lost  ML  Record
1 Cleveland at Kansas City Browns +6 Won 1--0
LA Chargers at Washington WFT PK Lost 1--1
Baltimore at Las Vegas Raiders +4.5 Won 175 2--1
2 Dallas at LA Chargers Cowboys +3.5 Won 160 3--1
Kansas City at Baltimore Ravens +3.5 Won 170 4--1
New Orleans at Carolina Panthers +3.5 Won 160 5--1
3 Seattle at Minnesota Vikings +2 Won 110 6--1
4 Baltimore at Denver Broncos +1 Lost 6--2
NY Giants at New Orleans Giants +7.5 Won 275 7--2
Tampa Bay at New England Patriots +7 Won 8--2
5 New Orleans at Washington WFT +2.5 Lost 8--3
Buffalo at Kansas City Bills +3 Won 125 9--3
6 Jacksonville vs Miami (London) Jaguars +3 Won 130 10--3
7 Cincinnati at Baltimore Bengals +6.5 Won 230 11--3
NY Jets at New England Jets +7 Lost 11--4
New Orleans at Seattle Seahawks +5 Won 12--4
8 Philadelphia at Detroit Lions +3.5 Lost 12--5
9 Minnesota at Baltimore Vikings +6 Won 13-5
Cleveland at Cincinnati Browns +3 Won 125 14-5
10 Cleveland at New England Browns +2.5 Lost 14-6
Minnesota at LA Chargers Vikings +3 Won 145 15-6
Philaelphia at Denver Eagles +3 Won 125 16-6
11 Miami at NY Jets Jets +3.5 Lost 16-7
Washington at Carolina WFT +3.5 Won 150 17-7
Houston at Tennessee Texans +10 Won 380 18-7
Green Bay at Minnesota Vikings +2 Won 105 19-7
Dallas at Kansas City Cowboys +3.5 Lost 19-8
12 Chicago at Detroit Lions +3.5 Won 20-8
Seattle at Washington WFT PK Won -105 21-8
13 None
14 New Orleans at NY Jets Jets +5.5 Lost 21-9
Seattle at Houston Texans +8.5 Lost 21-10
15 Kansas City at LA Chargers Chargers +3 Lost 21-11
Arizona at Detroit Lions +13.5 Won 550 22-11
16 Detroit at Atlanta Lions +6 Won 23-11
Buffalo at New England Bills  +2.5 Won 120 24-11
Washington at Dallas WFT +10.5 Lost 24-12
17 Kansas City at Cincinnati Bengals +5.5 Won 190 25-12
18 Kansas City at Denver Broncos +11.5 Won 26-12
New England at Miami Dolphins +6 Won 230 27-12
LA Chargers at Las Vegas Raiders +3 Won 135 28-12

If you bet $220 to win $200 on every underdog ATS that FairwayJay released, your bankroll would have looked like this.

$200 x 28 wins = $5,600
$220 x 12 losses = $2,640
2021 season profit = $2,960 (+14.8 units at 1 unit per game)
Return on Investment (ROI) = 37.0%
2021 season profit betting at reduced juice sportsbooks using -107 vig = $3,032

Betting an additional 25% of straight bets or $50 on every moneyline offered and selected. 

$50 x 21 wins = $1,945
$50 x 19 losses = $950
2021 season ML profit = $995

Total profit betting $220 on every underdog pick ATS (-110) and $50 on every pick on the moneyline = $3,955 

Dime bettors betting $1,100 on every selection ATS won a net profit of $14,800.  

OSGA top online sportsbook bettors were treated to a VIP experience with winning free picks from FairwayJay and more complimentary member-only contests this season. Follow FairwayJay here at OSGA.com and on Twitter for more gambling insights. 

Ahead of the NFL playoffs, we wish everyone continued success and good times as you enjoy betting the games and all the sports action.   

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