Bruins-Celtics in Boston and Three Other Cities Shooting for Historic Same Season NHL/NBA Championship

FairwayJay chips in odds and information you can bet on for the never-happened same city, same year championships in the NHL and NBA.

Historic opportunity for NBA/NHL same city championships

The elusive NHL/NBA championship double-double could make history this year. Four cities have a chance to bring home both the NHL and NBA titles in 2024. It's never happened, and one leading online sportsbook has posted odds., a sister site of BetOnline, shared some odds, props and information you can bet on with me on behalf of Off Shore Gaming Association

Last year, both the Florida Panthers and Miami Heat lost in the NHL and NBA finals. In 2003, the New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup, but the New Jersey Nets lost in the NBA finals in a series sweep by the LA Lakers. In 1994, the New York Rangers won the Cup, but the New York Knicks lost in the NBA finals in seven games. 

There are four cities that have the chance to bring home both the NBA and NHL titles in 2024. 

- Boston
- New York
- Denver
- Dallas

NHL and NBA Championship Doubles 

NHL and NBA Double odds, game odds, props and live betting are subject to change by leading online sportsbooks, and will be updated in real-time on this page at 

+1800: Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins Championships 
+6600: NY Knicks and NY Rangers Championships 
+7500: Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche Championships
+12000: Dallas Mavericks & Dallas Stars Championships 

NHL and NBA Finals Doubles

+600: Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins Reach Finals
+1100: New York Knicks and NY Rangers Reach Finals
+2400: Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche Reach Finals
+2800: Dallas Mavericks and Dallas Stars Reach Finals

NHL and NBA Playoffs News

The second round of the NHL Playoffs continue, and the Boston Bruins are returning home for Game 3 of their hockey series against the Florida Panthers Friday, May 10 and the Panthers are a -125 road favorite. NHL Stanley Cup Boston New YorkThe series is tied 1-1 with a pair of lopsided games. The Bruins won 5-1 in Game 1, and the Panthers returned the beatdown with a 6-1 victory in Game 2. The rest of the second round games have been tight with all five games decided by 1-goal. That includes the New York Rangers Game 3 road win and overtime goal against the Carolina Hurricanes for a 3-2 victory after the Panthers tied the game in the closing 90 seconds of regulation. The Rangers now hold a 3-0 series lead and are one win from advancing to the NHL Eastern Conference Finals. New York is also 7-0 in this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs, which they also were in 1994 on their way to winning the Cup. 

NBA Playoffs same cities Boston New YorkMeanwhile, the Boston Celtics are tied 1-1 in their series with the Cleveland Cavaliers as the series shifts back to Cleveland for Game 3 Saturday with the Celtics a -7.5 point favorite. Both teams won by at least 20 points, and the Celtics have been 12-13 point favorites in both playoff games. The New York Knicks lead the Indiana Pacers 2-0 as their series shifts to Indiana Friday night for Game 3 with the Pacers a -7 point favorite. 

The chances of the other two cities in Denver and Dallas scoring the double are diminishing as the Denver Nuggets trail the Minnesota Timberwolves 2-0 as their series heads to Minneapolis for Game 3 Friday with the Timberwolvers a -4.5 point favorite. The Colorado Avalanche lead the series 1-0 over the Dallas Stars with Game 2 currently in progress in Dallas and the Stars leading 1-0 at the end of the first period. The Avs won a dramatic overtime contest 4-3 in Game 1 after trailing 3-0 in the first periord. The Dallas Mavericks trail their series 1-0 against top seed Oklahoma City Thunder with Game 2 in progress and Dallas leading on the road by double-digits in the 2Q. Game 3 shifts back to Dallas Saturday.

Follow along as the NHL and NBA Playoffs continue with more information you can bet on. 

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