down in some areas has finally gotten their website up and 100% stable.

This morning industry giant BetOnline suffered a network outage that has caused their website to go down in most areas. There is no cause for alarm, this is simply a problem with the routing of thier dot ag domain to parts of the U.S.

Players may be able use  to access accounts and place wagers. Affected customers can also call customer service at (800) 977-4717 or place wagers at (888) 238 5808.

They are working on the problem and have restored acccess to many areas, but are still working to restore full access to their main site.

We will update this note as soon as we gather more information.

5:30 PM ET Update - The main site is still down, but players may be able to login at

3/4 UPDATE: BetOnline has finally gotten their site up. Affected players may need to clear cache/cookies.

3/6 UPDATE: BetOnline had some problems all day again. They want/need to be up and are working on this problem!!

3/7 UPDATE: Currently the website is working properly for mostly everyone. There are still some isolated issues. If you are having trouble, please contact CS at: 1-888-426-3661 or

3/9 UPDATE: BetOnline is currently conducting maintenance to desktop site due to the issues this week. This is a scheduled maintenance. Please use Mobile ( or Tablet ( logins until the full site is again available. 

3/10 UPDATE: BetOnline posted a note regarding their situation. They were affected by a global hack that has made news arouond the world. Still working to get everything going. Some players are able to access the site via

3/13 UPDATE: BetOnline is working to have the problem resolved. We were told that they working to ensure this never happens again. Players can now call in at (888) 426-3661 to place a wager. 

3/14 UPDATE: BetOnline has found a final solution to their website problems. They are implemeting this solution now. During this period their websites will be up and down. They expect to be 100% later today and definitely by tomorrow.

3/16 UPDATE: is finally back online.

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