Bet Tropical in Deposit-only Mode

We are recommending that players simply avoid Bet Tropical altogether.

***** OSGA Bad Bet Alert *****

Avoid: Bet Tropical, USWager365

Reason for today's alert: legitimate large non-payout claims

Blacklist Notes: Ace Martinez was a clerk at a small book in Costa Rica - MVP Action. He must have decided he was going to open his own book with the names that he had taken after several years in the business. We contacted MVP Action and he left that operation several months ago. At this point he has started his own sportsbook - Bet Tropical. He must have thought he was only bringing in losing players because he obviously does not have the funds to pay. We have attempted to contact Ace Martinez, BetTropical and USWager365 several times and no one has responded to our e-mails. Several players are now in a No Pay situation.

Specific Notes: OSGA was first contacted by a player who deposited $4000 and played for a few days, running his account up to over 11K. He requested a payout and it was approved immediately, but never sent. Ace decided to stop answering the player's email requests and never again got on the phone with the customer. As of this writing the player has not received a dime, Another player contacted us while we were investigating the original claim against BetTropical with almost the exact same story. This player sent in $12,000, ran his account up to more than $25K and has yet to receive a dime. He also used USWager365 to place bets in his account. His payout request is more than a month old with no funds being sent. Thus, we now are recommending that players simply avoid BetTropical and USWager365 altogether.

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