2020 Baseball Betting Rules Changes - Updated

A shortened, COVID-tainted MLB season has led to some rules changes at several of the top sportsbooks in the world.

Several sports books have altered baseball betting rules

Well the Major League Baseball season for 2020 is finally here. And with it comes some rule changes by the league for the games and some rule changes by sportsbooks in regards to baseball betting. We'll spend some time looking at various wagering rules that have changed, but still urge every MLB bettor to check the specific betting rules at their sportsbook before placing a wager. 

Baseball betting rule changes for 2020

Industry-giant BookMaker updated their MLB betting rules with one of the biggest changes we have seen in our 22 years in the gaming industry. They are no longer offering listed pitchers! Every baseball bet is an 'action bet'. This applies to sides, totals, run lines, team totals, first five innings and inning-by-inning props. And, all MLB bets have action at the confirmed price, regardless of who is scratched before the first pitch. 

Earlier this month ESPN announced that the Westgate SuperBook will also only be offering baseball bets as 'action', with no listed pitchers option. 

We checked in with the largest book in Panama, BetOnline, and found that they are also going with 'action bets' only. This applies to their sister site SportsBetting.ag, as well.

We feared with these three legendary sportsbooks changing their tune regarding baseball bets, that every sportsbook around the globe would follow. But it appears from our check of licensed and regulated U.S. bookmakers and online sportsbooks around the globe, that most every other sportsbook will be sticking with the option of bettors listing one or both pitchers, as well as taking action wagers on the games.

MLB  betting changes for 2020Bets are official 

Traditionally for all moneyline MLB bets, a game is considered official after five innings of play (four and a half if the home team is winning). But BookMaker, BetOnline (see blow) and again SuperBookUSA in Vegas, have changed their rules as to when games are official, for betting purposes.

All full game bets at these sportsbooks are official after 8½ innings if the home team is ahead, or after 9 full innings if the visiting team is ahead. Again, this rule change includes moneyline, total runs (over/under) and Run Line bets and All MLB props, which are are official after 9 full innings or 8½ if the home team is winning. All Player Props have action.

Traditional Baseball Betting

Well-known operators like Heritage Sports, Bovada, Diamond Sports and 5Dimes will be offering what players have become accustomed to, with a dizzying array of bets. at these, and most online sportsbooks, players can still get listed pitchers and a game is considered official after five innings of play (four and a half if the home team is winning). 

And there are still baseball dimelines available at some of the top outlets. 5Dimes is known for their sharp baseball lines and they typically offer dimelines (-110) and nickel overnights. Heritage still offers offers reduced juice baseball betting with -108 on MLB games up to 190 and -104 overnight lines, plus 3-way MLB betting lines. 

There are also books that offer a graduated line, where the shift to fifteen cents between the favorite and the dog occurs somewhere in the -140 to -150 ballpark and many of the larger shops still will be offering a twenty cent line, as will most U.S. licensed and regulated sportsbooks.

MLB Baseball Betting Bottom Line

with baseball betting it is always best to find a sportsbooks that will give you odds that are favorable for your betting style. And this year, make sure to check with your sportsbook before wagering to fully understand their rules with this shortened 60 game MLB season. So . . .

Check the rules at your sportsbook.
Check the rules at your sportsbook.
Check the rules at your sportsbook.

There, I said it three times. Please do it and then enjoy the return of major league baseball and MLB betting!

July 27th Update:

BetOnline reverted back to the more 'traditional' betting rule for when a game is complete. They have changed it so that "moneyline wagers will once again have action if the game goes 5 innings (4.5 innings if the home team is winning)". 

We were told from a BetOnline representative that they are "in the business of grading winners and losers. No-actioning bets does nothing for us and the players."

Though all bets are still 'action', BetOnline made the change on Sunday after hearing from many players that they were against the new rule.


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