Super Bowl XLIX: Tom Brady Proposition Bets Popular on Betting Line

The 5 most popular prop bets for New England quarterback Tom Brady for this Sunday's big game.

With less than a week to go before Super Bowl XLIX, the following are the 5 most popular prop bets gaining attention with the public connected to the #1 most popular man with (or without) the football, Patriots superstar Tom Brady:

These lines reflect current odds available at Similar odds for these proposition wagers can be found at popular sportsbooks including BetOnline, BetAnySports and BookMaker.

Super Bowl MVP – Odds to win
Tom Brady 9-5
Brady is currently the favorite among 30 player choices including a "field" bet if any player is not on that list wins. In reality, this is might be an excellent bet as I have recommended selecting BOTH Brady plus second choice, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson at 7-2 as the likeliest winners. In most Super Bowl's the quarterback is the obvious selection to be named MVP and with these guy's name recognition and popularity you can almost count on it if either of their teams win.

Tom Brady Prop oddsTotal Passing Attempts in the game – Tom Brady
Over 36.5 (-135)
Under (+105)
Always a popular Super Bowl bet and always decided by the game situation. Either way, with Brady not having a Marshawn Lynch "feature back" to depend on, you can count on him throwing the ball at least 30 times. The number 36.5 is certainly not out of reach and -135 is not a bad value. I say YES and a confident opportunity with the added bonus of an overtime here to consider as well.

Total Completions – Tom Brady
Over 23.5 (-130)
Under (Even)
This is an interesting prop as going Over is not as easy as it might look. Assuming that Brady does throw those 40 passes, he will have to complete at least 24 to cash here (60%). That is why the odds are a bit narrower and a tougher call. If this becomes the grind it out, lower-scoring type game as expected, Under may become a better bet at those Even odds.

Total TD Passes – Tom Brady
Over 1.5 (-200)
Under (+160)
There is an old expression and it is very true..."the line tells you something". Here the intimidating -200 odds on going over 1.5 touchdowns tells you that is is very likely and difficult to bet against. If the Patriots are to win is is almost assured that Brady will need to throw at least two TD's. As opposed to Wilson, it is unlikely to see him running the ball for a TD and the Pats often thrown near the goal line.

Total Interceptions – Tom Brady
Over .5 (-160)
Under (+130)
Basically, do you believe Brady will or will not throw an interception during the game.? In any other game you would be very tempted to take Under and the generous +130 odds but with Super Bowl pressure and facing the best secondary in the NFL, you get the more equitable odds. A toss-up here.

There are many other Tom Brady proposition bets to be considered at OSGA top online sportsbooks but these are the most reasonable and certainly the ones that would have you less distracted upon focusing on the game.

Photo courtesy of "Tom Brady 2011" by Jeffrey Beall - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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