Super Bowl 58 Props -- Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Taylor Swift Bowl

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  • Sun, Feb 11th, 2024 1:03:06 pm
  • By Charles Jay - Exclusive to OSGA

So hiow much attention is Taylor Swift going to get in the world of Super Bowl 58? If you think you know, bet on it!

Well, after what was no doubt a dramatic flight from Tokyo on her private jet, Taylor Swift is safe and secure in Las Vegas for Super Bowl 58 (LVIII). The whole world (or some of it), was wondering if she was going to get there in time to watch boyfiend Travis Kelce do battle for the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers at Allegiant Stadium (6:30 PM ET kickoff).

Some of this is tongue-in-cheek, of course, but I have to extend the amateur hour a little. many of you may have noticed (or perceived anyway) that the Chiefs were getting the benefit of some calls (or non-calls, as it were) from the officials on the road toward the Big Game. It wouldn't surprise me if the NFL, as an institution, wouldn't be too unhappy with a Kansas City win.

If that's the case, Taylor Swift has an impact, we guess. And the sports betting world has responded. So attention Swifties - here are just some of the things you can wager on for Super Bowl action at BetOnline:

Will Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt mention Swift in speech
No -4000
Yes +1000

Well, first of all, the Chiefs will have to win the game for Clark Hunt to make a speech, right? But I'm not so sure the commercialism of the NFL has gone so far over the line that Taylor is actually going to be getting some credit or recognition after a victory. Or am I too much of an old fogie?

Besides, wouldn't all this make his daughter Gracie (a model) a little jealous? Women are competitive. And let's face it; one day Gracie is probably going to have even more money than Taylor. This one's a big NO, but there's not a lot of value either way.

Will Donna Kelce hug Taylor Swift (CBS Broadcast)
No -135
Yes -105

They're in the same box, right? And Travis paid for it, I undcerstand. So unless it's a shutout, why the hell not? YES!

# of Chiefs/Kelce Jewelry Pieces Taylor Swift Wears
Under 5 Chiefs/Kelce Pieces -140
Over 5 Chiefs/Kelce Pieces +100

I'm not even sure what this prop means. You're saying they're actually doing MERCHANDISING? At the SUPER BOWL?

Best Man Swift/Kelce Wedding (Listed Only)
Jason Kelce -1200
Aric Jones +500
Patrick Mahomes +1200
Ed Kelce +1400
Jack Jones +5000

This would seem an easy favortite. wouldn't it? I mean, if Travis passed over Jason, how could they even keep having a podcast? ..... Jack Jones - is that the singer who used to play Vegas (and maybe still does)?....... In the words of Virgil Solozzo after he tried and failed to assassinate Vito Corleone, "He's still alive!"........ Wasn't this guy married to Jill St. John at one time? Yeah, he's OK in my book. But what about the SPORTSbook?

Chiefs coach Andy Reid mentions Swift in speech
No -4000
Yes +800

Hahahahaha - are you kidding? Reid, who first came to national prominence as an oversized quarterback in the Punt, Pass & Kick competition, has his own show-biz gig, namely in those State Farm commercials. Why would he want to share the spotlight with some snotty little girl?

Cost of engagement ring Swift/Kelce
Over $250,000 -150
Under $250,000 +110

The share for each player on the Super Bowl-winning team is $164,000. Even the losing players get over $89,000. There's no excuse, Travis. Shell it out. But would she say YES?

How long after kickoff T.Swift is shown on Game Clock
Under 7½ Minutes -175
Over 7½ Minutes +135

CBS will NOT make us wait that long. "Offsides on San Francisco. What does Taylor think?" They'll sneak it in.

How Long Will Taylor Swift be Shown Live?
Under 25½ Seconds -275
Over 25½ Seconds +200

I saw this quote on the internet - "According to Apex Marketing, Swift has effectively generated an additional $331.5m in brand value for the Chiefs and NFL" That's not worth 26 seconds of your time?

Maid of Honor Swift/Kelce Wedding (Listed Only)
Abigail Anderson Lucier +200
Martha Hunt +500
Camila Cabello +600
Karlie Kloss +600
Selena Gomez +600
Blake Lively +700
Gigi Hadid +700
Cara Delevigne +800
Emma Stone +800
Sophie Turner +800
Lorde +1000

What? No Gracie Hunt on this list?!?!

The favorite here is a high school friend of Taylor's. But Her Royal Swiftness has said that her closest friend in show business is Selena Gomez. Emma Stone? Go win another Oscar, kid...... OK, I admit that I thiought Lorde, priced at +1000 here, was Taylor Swift's dog. But it turns out she's a singer from New Zealand.

We'll be back after these words from our sponsor.....

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