As if waiting for their money from BETonSPORTS owned, Millennium Sports, wasn't bad enough, now a scam is taking aim at Millennium customers.

Yesterday we got a call from 'Danny', who was a customer of Millennium Sports for several years. He never had any problems, until the arrest of BETonSPORTS CEO David Carruthers. Now, like tens of thousands of players, Danny sits and waits for his money.

Last week he got his first call from John Paul, who claimed he worked with Millennium and knew all about Danny's predicament. He knew Danny's name, phone number, address and account number at Millennium! John Paul want on to set the hook by saying that Millennium Sports knew of his displeasure with recent events at the sportsbook. Millennium had put all of the affected players’ names in a sweepstakes drawing and he had won 2nd place! This entitled him to a brand new, fire engine red, Toyota Corolla.

Now for the scam:

The Toyota Corolla is in Costa Rica. All Danny has to do to claim the car is send a bank wire for the cost of transport and his prize would be shipped drectly to him! The wire should be sent to Victoria Mutual Building Society (VMBS), 36149827 at CitiBank in N.Y, in the amount of $4000 to cover the cost of shipping the car from Costa Rica to the U.S.

John Paul has called back several times. Danny has reported this scam to the Attorney General and the FBI, but the calls keep coming.

The calls come from area codes in Florida and Ohio. The company that is listed, the ‘Lottery and Sweepstakes Bureau’, is listed in Springfield, Florida.

It appears that this is the first of potentially many scams that will target players from the BETonSPORTS gaming sites. And beware….the longer this mess with BETonSPORTS goes on, the greater the potential that players will fall for any type of scammer that gives them hope of recouping something……like a Toyota!

Please pass this on to any one you know that was playing at Millennium Sports or any of the BETonSPORTS properties.

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