NFL Odds & Preview -- Angry Giants roll into the desert vs. Cardinals

  • In Charles Jay
  • Sun, Sep 17th, 2023 10:06:25 am
  • By Charles Jay - Exclusive to OSGA

The New York Giants need to redeem themselves after a major disaster, and they hope to do it against the Arizona Cardinals.

It could not have possibly gotten more embarrassing for the New York Giants last Sunday, as they looked beaten almost from the beginning in a 40-0 defeat to the Dallas Cowboys. There were fingers pointed, particularly at coach Brian Daboll, as it was asked how he could possibly leave quarterback Daniel Jones in the game.

BetOnline customers can only imagine how much frustration has been percolating, and there is probably a tremendous desire on the part of this team to look impressive this Sunday. For the Giants, that most likely would mean a win and a cover as they face off against the Arizona Cardinals at 4:05 PM ET at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ.

The numbers for the Giants were so bad they probably don't even want to look at them. Jones threw the ball 28 times and had only 104 yards to show for it. What he got was two interceptions and seven sacks. Of course, that is indicative of a major malfunction on the part of the offensive line, and if you're thinking about backing the Giants, that would be your biggest area of concern.

Saquon Barkley was the subject of quite a bit of focus in the preseason, as he was holding out. Finally, the team "franchised" him. In the opener, he had 51 yards rushing and twelve in receptions, but we know he is capable of something much more substantial than that.

In the NFL odds that have been posted on this game by the folks at BetOnline, the Giants are laying points on the road:

New York Giants -4 (-113)
Arizona Cardinals +4 (-107)

Over 40 points -103
Under 40 points -117

As we came into the 2023 season, the Cardinals were the team that really looked like the disaster area. If you recall, last season offensive line coach Sean Kugler was fired under rather strange circumstances, and general manager Steve Keim followed him out the door. There is an embarrassing lawsuit involving owner Michael Bidwell. There has been speculation revolving around Kyler Murray, who is injured, as to whether the Cards will keep him out of action the entire year (financial considerations).

Of course, that is part of the overall feeling that the Cards are "tanking" for a high draft choice. It wasn't a good look that they cut veteran backup Colt McCoy loose. And their answer at quarterback, at least for the time being, is Joshua Dobbs, who is with his sixth team and who joined this team less than a month ago.

We concede that Dobbs can digest a playbook; indeed, he was a dean's list student at Tennessee and an aspiring rocket scientist. But he simply hasn't worked with his teammates very long, and he has not been the #1 man anywhere else. In the opening week against Washington, a 20-16 loss, he completed 21 of 30 passes, but it was for only 132 yards. His receivers averaged just 2.5 yards after the catch, and that was the lowest figure in the league. Arizona had just 13 first downs against the Commanders.

We know that the Giants have added some people to spark up the offense; particularly tight end Darren Waller and Parris Campbell. Maybe this is a referendum on whether you think this is actually a playoff-caliber team, and whether the defense is as good as advertised. If all of that is affirmative, we should expect a hungry team out there - perhaps hungry enough that the Cards won't be able to keep up.

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