NBA Finals Props -- Bucks-Suns Game 4: What More Can Giannis Do?

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  • Wed, Jul 14th, 2021 1:16:38 pm
  • By Charles Jay - Exclusive to OSGA

Giannis Antetokounmpo has been a dominant force in these last two games of the NBA Finals. To what degree will that continue?

Prop betting tips for the NBA Finals Game 4

Do we have a whole new series now, as far as the NBA Finals are concerned? Maybe, at least with a decent chance to go back to the desert all even.

Look - the Suns got the officials' calls in Game 1, and when these teams got to Milwaukee, the Bucks got the benefit of the whistle. None of that is new in the NBA.

And both coaches have bitched about the "inequality" of the refs' whistling, or something like that.

That's nothing new either.

NBA Finals prop bettingSo with that said, we present BetOnline customers now with some winning props for Game 4, which, you should keep in mind, is in Milwaukee, which factors into it.
Here we go:

We're not sure we're getting the greatest deal on the point total, but we know that there are practically no limits to what he can do.

He wasn't supposed to be coming in here at 100%, because of his hyper-extended knee. In fact, he was not expected to play in Game 1 or even Game 2, but there he was, and after shaking off the rust with 20 points in the opener, he has erupted for 83 in the last two games.

Yeah, we know the number is high, but we're going to take a swing with him, for a couple of reasons:

-- He came into the Finals as the top scorer in the paint in many years in the NBA playoffs, and has lived up to that thus far. In Game 3, he had 28 points within the paint, hitting 14 of 15 shots at the rim. DeAndre Ayton can't guard him without getting into foul trouble. Neither can anyone else.

-- And when it comes to fouls, Giannis took 17 free throws in Game 3, compared to 16 for the entire Phoenix team. This happens as the officials are going into that practice of blowing their whistles a lot more for the home team. And Antetokounmpo has made some adjustments, shortening up his free throw approach and feeling a little more comfortable. He'll get his chances.

As BetOnline patrons may remember, we pointed out before the last game that between the two Phoenix guards, Booker was the one more likely to be slowed down by being forced into bad shots. Well, we hate to say we told you so, but. . . . 

Booker, who scored 58 points in the firs two games, was held to just three field goals and ten points in Game 3, although it is worth mentioning that he sat out the entire fourth quarter.

Part of Milwaukee's defensive strategy was to have Jrue Holiday harass him a little. Booker shot just two-for-11 when Holiday was guarding him, and you have to imagine that Mike Budenholzer is going to have him pay the Suns' hotshot some extra attention.

Well, we consider that Lopez's principal role in this game is not going to be "scoring the basketball," as some commentators like to say it, but, for lack of a better word, to do some of the dirty stuff.

And that would include pulling it down off the glass. In the lane he takes a secondary role behind Giannis, but he's a very high probability to get close to this number, or even way over it.

Lopez doesn't get double-digits too often in this category, but he has had five or more rebounds in 16 of the 20 playoff games in which he's appeared.

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