NBA Basketball Futures -- For the Nets, Vaughn brings some order to the madness

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  • Tue, Nov 15th, 2022 1:50:32 pm
  • By Charles Jay - Exclusive to OSGA

After a lot of chaos and dysfunction, Jacque Vaughn may be ready to give the Brooklyn Nets a dose of sanity as head coach.

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Things have been a little crazy around the land of the Brooklyn Nets lately. We could write volumes about what has gone out of order. And really, when BetAnySports customers look at the NBA and whatever might be wrong with it, they don't have to move out of that borough to find it.

Yeah, this was a team that was "trending" downward.

And that is why it was so critical for them to bring some stability to the situation.

That came in the form of Jacque Vaughn, who finally got rewarded for his loyalty to the organization - not by being named the interim coach, but by getting that tag removed in favor of a more "permanent" status, for whatever that designation is worth in the coaching ranks.

Almost by definition, Vaughn is a calming presence. I say that because he was in his seventh season as a Nets assistant coach. He has been through everything, and he's worked with everyone.

Brooklyn Nets betting NBA futures marketWhat you have to give him a tremendous amount of credit for is the way he dealt with the bubble situation in 2020. Kenny Atkinson had been fired - some believe it was orchestrated in part by Irving - and the Nets had to go into that period without 6-7 players who might normally be in the rotation. And few people felt they would win more than a game or two out of the eight that were being played in Orlando. But they became - outside of the Phoenix Suns, who went 8-0 - the surprise of the bubble, as they won five games and got themselves into a playoff spot, behind a new offensive scheme that was centered around Caris Levert. That whole thing was about Vaughn and the leadership he brought to the table.

And then, with an opportunity to reward him for that by bringing him aboard as the full-time head coach, they went ahead and gave the job to Nash, who really didn't have an experience doing this.

You knew that things were going to be rocky when Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant made remarks to the effect that this was going to be a "shared" coaching dynamic. In other words, THEY were really going to coach the team, not the easy-going Nash.  

Those kinds of things usually don't end well, but they are tolerated, because in the NBA, the players truly run things, at least until someone puts their foot down and doesn't allow them to do it anymore.

And maybe someone like owner Joe Tsai or GM Sean Marks did that before this season when Durant virtually demanded that Nash be fired or else he wanted to be traded. Nash stayed. Durant didn't get traded. Truth be told, there weren't many takers.

NBA futures betting tipsWell, eventually Durant got his wish..... about the coaching change, that is.

And as seamy as his actions might have been, if that's what promotes some stability in this particular situation, then let it be.

And how far will that take this team? NBA futures bettors appear to have some faith in what the Nets can do from here. Perhaps that's the kind of respect talent gets. Here are the top teams to win the NBA title, as they are listed at BetAnySports:

Milwaukee Bucks +475
Boston Celtics +575
Golden State Warriors +680
Los Angeles Clippers +750
Phoenix Suns +900

Unfortunately, and as you are seeing in this latest episode with Irving, stability may not be part of the nature of things around Brooklyn these days. But at least the ship isn't sinking. It is true that the Nets suffered a disappointing defeat at the hands of the Los Angeles Lakers. But if you're interested in progress, here is a team that allowed 125 points or more in four of its first six games, but went on a streak with Vaughn where it held five straight opponents under 100 points.

Durant seemed to be happy for Vaughn to get the job. And defense may become a real part of the culture. Marks hasn't even brought Udoka's name into the discussion. He said, "We were going to have to find somebody better than JV for it not to be JV."

Indeed, if you want to talk about the guy who puts this team in the best position to win, the Nets have probably found their man - right under their noses.

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