Monday Night Football Props -- Bucs-Giants: How Much Will the QB's Run?

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  • Mon, Nov 22nd, 2021 1:57:06 pm
  • By Charles Jay - Exclusive to OSGA

Taking an in-depth look at the props available at BetAnySports for Monday Night Football between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and New York Giants.

We'll tell you straight-out - you can't possibly enjoy NFL betting to its fullest without Prop Builder at BetAnySports. You'll find not dozens, but potentially hundreds, of props, which give you more and more angles to play. You might even find yourself more interested in the props than in the pointspread and/or total.

Let's pick out a few props and illustrate what we're talking about.

Tom Brady - Rushing Yards

Over 0.5 Yards -125
Under 0.5 Yards -103

Yes that's right. That's a half-yard as the over-under, which means that Brady is going to pay off here if he even gains a yard. No, we don't expect him to be scrambling a lot, but Brady has never been all that afraid to do a quarterback sneak in a short-yardage situation.

In the nine games the Bucs have played, Brady has been shut out of at least one rushing yard only twice. All told, he's got 15 carries for 41 yards. We're on the OVER train.

Saquon Barkley - Receiving Yards

Over 24.5 Yards -114
Under 24.5 Yards -114

Here's one that's tricky, in that Barkley is just coming off a serious ankle sprain, and management has to think about the future. Are they going to go in moderation and not put him at all that much risk?

What complicates this a little is that Devontae Booker is not going to be available, so there's not much of a safety net out there at running back. The other thing is that the Bucs have the ability to stop opposing ground games cold.

Barkley is obviously no stranger to the passing game; he had 731 receiving yards as a rookie. And it is advantageous to get him out in open space if they can. OVER

Daniel Jones - Rushing Yards

Over 23.5 Yards -114
Under 23.5 Yards -114

We know that Jones can run with the ball, and operating within the chaos of any given pass play, he can take off on a scamper. And maybe something changes if they decide not to work Barkley to death.

But he's most definitely curtailed such activity since he suffered a concussion against Dallas in Week 5 (that's the same game in which Barkley went down).

In his first four games, Jones carried the ball 27 times for 134 yards. Over these last five, those numbers are only 28 and 70, respectively. So we'll expect tame behavior from him, which points us UNDER.

Leonard Fournette -- Carries

Over 15.5 Carries -103
Under 15.5 Carries -125

We all know that Fournette is a very capable back. And in Jacksonville he was more or less a center-piece of the offense. In Tampa Bay, he's a supporting player, and you have to take into account the way the Bucs structure their game plan.

There are 32 teams in the NFL. There is no team that, from the standpoint of percentage of plays, runs the ball less frequently than the Buccaneers, who are at 32.65%.

So with regard to winning on the "over," Fournette is already behind the eight-ball. If you're looking for averages, he carries the ball 12.4 times per game. And he's gone over this posted number just twice. Whether Ronald Jones gets some snaps (unlike last week), that could be a factor, but remember that Fournette is used as a receiver too, as he's been targeted 48 times. UNDER

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