March Madness Final Four Predictions. Updated March Madness 2013 Bracket Predictions

March Madness has been, well, just madness. The sweet sixteen is set and there have been some serious upsets, cinderella stories and bracket busters.

March Madness has been, well, just madness. The sweet sixteen is set and there have been some serious upsets, cinderella stories and bracket busters. Who knew FGCU was suddenly the team to beat, that Harvard would inch out a win, that Gonzaga would leave early, oh and I'm just getting started. The March Madness site has the full updated bracket here, however, we figured we'd take an updated look at some of the March Madness Final Four predictions. We've also included the initial March Madness Final Four predictions from some of the biggest name brackets this year below.

Statistician wizard, Nate Silver, has just run some updated numbers on the probability that each team will win the big dance. A lot has changed since her first March Madness bracket predictions (included below) so it will be interesting to keep an eye on this as the tournament continues. As of right now Silver is predicting that Louisville  Indiana, Florida, Kansas, Duke and Ohio State have the best shot at winning the National Championship. Cinderella story FGCU still has a shot, albeit a small one. FGCU's odds of winning are still at 0.02 % (not bad!)

For reference here are the initial March Madness Final Four bracket predictions.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN bracketology expert - Lunardi has been filling out mock brackets for months. The guy practically lives and breathes this stuff. He's a college hoops nerd so you don't have to be; take full advantage of his full body of work. Lunardi's Final Four predictions: Louisville, Florida, Gonzaga and Miami.

Seth Davis, Sports Illustrated - Davis is the author of the Hoop Thoughts column on Sports Illustrated and "is widely regarded as one of the best experts on March Madness picks when it comes to finalizing your brackets," according to our editorial counterparts in D.C. His Final Four picks: Louisville, Gonzaga, Kansas, and Miami.

Jay Bilas, ESPN analyst - Bilas is a wildly respected analyst who's made headlines this year by placing No. 5 ranked Virginia Commonwealth University in his Final Four, along with Louisville, Ohio State and Indiana. See all his selections along with a pick-by-pick analysis here.

Nate Silver, New York Times statistician - His full March Madness analysis can be found here, but as a primer, he predicts Louisville, Indiana, Florida, Kansas and Duke as the teams most likely to win it all.

President Obama - For the fifth consecutive year, the POTUS with the Mostest has filled out a March Madness bracket — dubbed Barack-etology. This year is no different. Our Commander-in-Chief has Louisville, Ohio State, Florida and Indiana in his Final Four, with Indiana taking home the National Championship game on April 8.

And if all that still hasn't satiated your thirst for March Madness knowledge, here's a roundup of the Final Four picks of ESPN's most seasoned college basketball experts.

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