GeoComply Responsible for PokerStars Users’ Mac Issues

PokerStars is experiencing a bizarre new problem that has prohibited poker players from entering and enjoying the game in licensed markets.

PokerStars is experiencing a bizarre new problem that has prohibited poker players from entering and enjoying the game in licensed markets.

GeoComply, the software company whose reps were once ushered in front of legislators to convince them that no one outside of a regulated market would be able to access gambling products, has been malfunctioning, prohibiting players from New Jersey and Pennsylvania to log in.

For what it is worth, GeoComply has lived up to that original promise, but what about people in regulated states who want to play?

Mac Users at Disadvantage in Recent GeoComply Fritz
GeoComply has apologized for the issue, but users are understandably on edge as many of them don’t take kindly to abrupt outages or prolonged connectivity issues. Interestingly, the company only targets specific Mac users and those that use the 13-inch MacBook Pro, Mac mini, MacBook Air, and 24-inch iMac. Yet, players in Michigan are safe, which means that either nobody uses a Mac over there or that the issue continues to behave in mysterious ways.

While most of these devices have been out on the market for a while now, this glitch is only occurring now. In the meantime, Fox Bet Sportsbook users have also lodged complaints from Colorado, where a similar phenomenon is occurring. There is still no solution at hand, though, which makes the issue particularly exacerbating.

PokerStars Absolved, GeoComply Still Puzzled
Another noteworthy factor is that only PokerStars and Fox Bet Sportsbook operations are affected. In contrast, Partypoker consumers in New Jersey are happy to carry on, and so are those in Pennsylvania. According to GeoComply, the bug started occurring in the wake of Apple’s mass-release of the M1 chip but definitely not because of a PokerStars software update, the company specified.

Some have suggested that using Apple’s Time Machine backup could potentially help fix things for some users. GeoComply’s powerful algorithms cannot be fooled usually, as the solution accesses your device’s location to be able to pinpoint with accuracy where a consumer is connecting from. Spoofing is not an option, explains GeoComply, which feels confident in verifying the accuracy of the information that consumers feed it back.

According to the company, even hackers who rename their VPNs and location software are unable to circumnavigate it, which is precisely what makes it so powerful. However, the issue is still ongoing, and GeoComply seems to be struggling with it, and not least causing PokerStars a bit of embarrassment along the way.

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