Four Super Bowl Props That Can Pay Out

Some tips for four Super Bowl props that get a ton of action every year.

Super Bowl prop betting tips

Every year, the best sportsbooks roll out the red carpet for the Super Bowl. As soon as the AFC and NFC Championship games are completed, the books started to unveil endless amounts of props. There are a lot of wacky ones on the board, but we're going over four props specifically – three that offer good value and one that’s worth avoiding. Let’s dive in and see what the best bets traditionally are with NFL Super Bowl odds.

MVP: Bet The Quarterback

MVP  Super Bowl LVII prop betting tipsA lot of online gambling handicappers overthink this prop but there’s no need to. When betting on who’ll be the MVP, the best wager is the quarterback.

Over the last 55 Super Bowls, quarterbacks have won the MVP award 31 times. Either bet on a quarterback to win this prop or avoid it altogether. Sure, the odd longshot wins (Julian Edelman won in 2018 at 30/1) but the most common position to cash is the signal callers. It's either them or nothing in this spot.

Anthem: Examine History

One of the best Super Bowl props to bet on is the singing of the National Anthem. A major reason for it is because you can do all sorts of research that can give you an edge.

National Anthem prop SB LVITo start, you can typically find how the crooner has performed the anthem in previous outings. For example, Demi Lovato recently sang the opening anthem at a Super Bowl. However, over her career, she had also sung the national anthem at a Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight and a World Series game, so that can give you a good idea as to how long she’ll go.

On top of that, if you're hanging out on Twitter, you can often see reporters posting the anthem being sung in practice sessions throughout the week, so that can be a tell as well.

This prop often gets overlooked, but you can definitely find some good value.

Coin Toss Super Bowl propCoin Toss – If You See Value

A lot of sportsbooks are competing for business these days and during the Super Bowl, this is one of the props that garners a lot of attention. As a sport bettor, you can sometimes benefit.

In normal times, this prop is a 50/50 shot to win and the NFL odds are something like -102 or -105 on each side. However, when books try to get your business, they might have a special where it’s at +105.

If you see that, you can pounce and make a little bit of money but betting one side at one book and then looking for the other side at EVEN or lowered juice at another.

Avoid The Gatorade Bath

One of the most popular props to bet on is the Gatorade bath, but this wager is about as dicey as it gets. The main challenge here is that it's tough to handicap, there’s lots of options and there is no clear-cut pattern of any kind. Gatorade SBLIV propA team like the Kansas City Chiefs could use red, orange, yellow or clear, and nobody would bat an eyelash. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl in 2021 and gave Bruce Arians a Blue Gatorade bath; something nobody saw coming.

Even when you break it down historically, there are no great trends to work with. Over the last 11 Super Bowls, Orange has cashed four times, blue three times, none was twice, and then yellow and purple have come out once.

This is a tough prop to make money off of, so don’t bet it.

Enjoy Super Bowl LVI and hopefully the advice on betting some of the most popular props helps you win.

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