FIFA World Cup Betting Wrap Up

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  • Tue, Jul 17th, 2018 1:04:25 pm
  • By Charles Meshell - ROI Capper

Charles looks back at his pick and tips for the 2018 FIFA World Cup, noting line moves, easy winners and bad beats along the way.

FIFA World Cup - Betting Wrap Up 

The FIFA World Cup has sadly come to another end, after four years of preparation for this special event, France was crowned champions on Sunday. We now start the process all over again, with the world all eyeing Qatar in 2022

The field of 32 teams did not disappoint while in Russia. With many calling this the best World Cup ever, we witnessed a higher amount of goals than in years past, and the inclusion of V.A.R which settled many disputed matters, that would have otherwise caused larger amounts of controversy on the International stage.

The Group Stage provided us with the usual large upset, after Germany fell victim to the returning World Cup champions curse. The Germans came into the tournament playing at an unconvincing manner, but many believed they would snap out of their lethargic play, and show the same type of class that led them too lift the trophy in 2014.  But it just wasn't meant to be, as Joachim Löw's men were never able to put together a full 90 minutes of consistent play and that ultimately cost them a shot of repeating as FIFA champions. 

The remaining Group stages went off pretty much as expected, with the primary favorites advancing, and grabbing their spots in the knock-out phase.

FIFA World Cup - Group Stage

Group A saw both Uruguay and Russia proceeding as many expected, and those who tailed the Russians made a nice profit during their journey too the Quarter Finals, as I personally gave tips out going 3-0-0, which included the host nation. While Uruguay were able to grind out victories, they only had one real convincing 90 minute spell in their first three matches, leaving me with a 0-0-2 record with the South Americans involved.   

Group B was loaded with two European heavy-weights who were always expected to advance. Even though Portugal and Spain took it down to the last day, each eventually progressed through too the Final 16. Both countries also showed different types of returns for those who invested in with them on the spread. With Spain failing to show any value, their record of 0-0-3 left this over-hyped side in the minus, while Portugal were able to go 2-1 in such situations, and those who followed my specific tips involving the Portuguese during the Group process were able to go 2-0-0.

Group C presented us with the eventual champions, although France were underwhelming on the spread in their first three matches. There was still profit to be made, as we topped the Over 2.5 Total in their initial match with Australia, and grabbed a Straight Up winner against Peru, giving another positive return as the Group stage process continued.

Group D produced a high percentage of winners, despite missing the Over 2.5 Goals between Argentina and Iceland, due to a Messi missed penalty. The  Argentines eventually rebounded and squeaked through to the Round of 16, and allowed my followers to go 2-1-1 in the process.  Croatia were a juggernaut in their first three matches, as they crushed the spread in route to a Finals appearance. The Croatians were able to provide us with a solid 3-0-1 record, when placed in opening stage wagers. 

Group E was highlighted by Brazil, who made a lot of their matches closer than many might have expected. The CONMEBOL champions still produced a simple 2-1-1 record against the spread and we cashed the most notable -1.5 against Costa Rica, with two unforgettable stoppage time goals. Many other teams would have just run the clock out after the first goal, but the South Americans kept pushing forward, and netted another for one of the more exciting betting victories to date.

Group F got off too a slow start with the Germans falling to EL Tri. The follow up matches allowed for a rejuvenation of units, as we were able to grab a last second winner, with an unbelievable Toni Kroos Free Kick to cash a nice Over 2.75 goals. Sweden then cemented the profits with their victory against Mexico, to wreck the CONCACAF's side of breaking the Round of 16 curse. 

Group G was always going to be dominated by Belgium and England, with Panama and Tunisia on a totally different playing field from these European giants. This specific group was a cash register, posting a record of 4-0-1. The only loss came from what I believe was Belgium's downfall in beating England and being placed in the tougher side of the bracket. The remaining fixtures produced an Overs dream, with only one match staying Under 2.5 goals, there was a solid return for those who back goals.

Group H was clearly the most competitive, and hardest to determine a winner from the outset. This four-some was so tight it needed FIFA's controversial fair-play act, in order to choose the second place team in the Knock-Out phase. Poland entered Russia with plenty of hype, but they were a huge disappointment, and after a twelve year wait the Eagles were eliminated after just two matches, while Senegal were an absolute delight to watch, and many believe should have represented the group moving forward. Colombia and Japan eventually made it through, but were ousted swiftly. This group netted negative returns, with a mediocre 2-0-3 record it was less than spectacular in the end. 

Free Match Tips - 13-4-6 

Premium Match Tips - 10-1-4

Total Group Stage - Record 


FIFA World Cup - Round of 16

The Round of 16 was less profitable than expected, but still proved a positive return.

Match Day one saw France coming to life and showing their true world class talents, as they pulled away from Argentina with an impressive 4-2 victory and netted a nice Both Teams to Score winner.

Portugal and Uruguay surprised many with three goals being scored, crushing the Under 2 Goals, while Cristiano Ronaldo and his beloved Country, were sent home earlier than they would have liked. 

The first set of Round of 16 fixtures saw arguably two of the best players in the world make their exits, and allowed the spotlight to shine on young phenom Kylian Mbappé, and get the credit he well deserved.

Match Day two started a trend of Extra-Time battles, as we were witnessed to one of the largest upsets in World Cup history, with Spain being eliminated on penalty kicks by the host nation, while Denmark met the same fate, but still cashed two tickets en-route too their knock-out stage demise. 

Match Day three was surely the best of all. After Brazil separated themselves from Mexico in the second half of that classic rivalry, Belgium topped that with a magnificent three goal comeback in the final twenty minutes, to stun Japan and ever cement their names in International history.

The final day of competitions were surely forgettable, after Switzerland failed to show their true class, England allowed a 93rd minute goal by Colombia to get past them, and wreck the Full Time victory.

Round of 16 - Record 


FIFA World Cup - Quarter Finals

The Quarter Finals were an absolute Gold Mine. Posting a perfect 6-0-0 record between all four matches was just what was needed to keep the profits rolling.

The French once again cashed to start the first match day, topping Uruguay 0-2 and left no doubt they deserved a spot in the Semi-Finals, while Belgium got the biggest win in their National Teams history, defeating World Cup favorites Brazil 1-2, and helping cash Both Teams to Score and Over 2.5 Goals.

The Following day was just as prosperous, starting the winning off with the Three Lions adding their name to the final four with a convincing 0-2 victory against the Swedes, while Russia shocked many by taking the Croatians too their second straight extra-time match, cashing another Both Teams to Score, and a nice +0.25 Full Time Spread.

Quarter Finals - Record 


FIFA World Cup - Semi Finals

The Semi-Finals were less kind on units and the match tip should have been played a different way. The opening lines suggested France would advance to the Finals, although many believed Belgium would have an advantage, the bookmakers released Les Bleus as the opening line favorites and set the betting public trap to perfection.

The French played their typical style of play, relinquishing the possession battle over to the Red Devil's, while using their midfield to take full advantage of their opportunities, and eventually finding the break-through on a set-piece situation.

Semi-Finals - Record


FIFA World Cup - Third Place Match

The Third place match was a total flop for Over backers, this match-up had the makings for a plethora of goals, but is was soon obvious that England seemed to be just going through the motions, and Belgium showed their true professionalism as they seized the setting with a 2-0 victory.

Third Place - Record


FIFA World Cup - Final

The Finals left us on a high note, after Croatia came into this match off the back of 360 minutes, and a less day of rest, it was not hard to figure they would have a hard time with the explosive nature of this French side.

Les Bleus quickly went to work testing the overall fitness of their fellow Europeans and left the first half with two goals, in route to a 4-2 victory at the end of 90 minutes. 

France set an unbelievable amount of records in route too their second major title in the past twenty years, and with the young nucleus of players in tact, they should be perennial favorites over the next four years, including the Euro's 2020.

I hope all that followed 2018 World Cup, were able to cash a few tickets along the way. The schedule never stops in the Football/Soccer world, as we will now quickly move to League Play, Cup Play, Europa League and of course the Champions League, as the opportunities to grow your investments are there year round. 

Finals - Record 


FIFA World Cup - Overall Record


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