Way-Too-Early 2024 Super Bowl Odds

A look at the early odds for Super Bowl LVIII, where, unsurprisingly, the top teams from last season sit atop the Super Bowl odds futures board.

The Kansas City Chiefs just won the Super Bowl, but are they the favorites to win the next edition? Here’s a look at the way-too-early Super Bowl 2024 odds

The 2022 NFL season has concluded now. It was the longest in NFL history, and perhaps one of the best. Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs, winning their third-ever Super Bowl. Now, we turn the page to Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

Super Bowl LVIII Odds

Future wagers in sports are typically low-risk, high-reward scenarios that have you invested in a team throughout an entire 12 months.

They Can’t Win

So, no team is going to win every game it plays. Fans may think so, but the Las Vegas odds are prone to disagree. Before we look into the best odds to win the Super Bowl after the 2023 season, the worst odds of winning belong to . . . 

 . . . the Houston Texans, priced at 150-1, or +15000, according to Super Bowl odds. Despite failing to secure the first selection in the draft, there's no reason to think they won't get a standout, according to NFL draft odds. There's nothing seemingly right with this franchise, at least as of this writing.

Super Bowl  58 oddsImmediately behind the Texans is another AFC South team. The Indianapolis Colts are at 100-1 (+10000) to win the title next season. This is somewhat surprising as the Colts were the favorites to win the division last season, and even beat the Kansas City Chiefs. The moribund Arizona Cardinals are also at +10000. 

Next five teams with worst odds are the Washington Commanders at +8000, Atlanta Falcons (+8000), Chicago Bears (+7500), Tennessee Titans (+7000) and Seattle Seahawks (+6500).

Best of the Best

Lots of familiar faces atop this list.

To no one's surprise, the Kansas City Chiefs enter the postseason with the best odds of winning the next ring. They’re priced at 6-1, or +600. With a rather young team, this squad is going to be elite. It doesn't hurt having the reigning MVP, Patrick Mahomes, on your team.

The Buffalo Bills, continuing their quest to win a first Super Bowl, are +750 odds to win Super Bowl LVIII. They were expected to play this past Sunday, and the same is expected next season. After losing a heartbreaker, the Philadelphia Eagles are also at +750 odds to win the title. With as balanced a team as any all of football, theyare not going away.

The next three teams are the San Francisco 49ers at +800, Cincinnati Bengals (+850) and the Dallas Cowboys (+1500).

Then, after a brutal loss in the playoffs, the Los Angeles Chargers are priced at +2200. Next, the New York Jets (quarterback, anyone?) at +2500, with the Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos and Jacksonville Jaguars all at +2800.

All other NFL teams have odds of +3300 or higher to win the 2024 Super Bowl.

We're missing football already. Now is the perfect time to wager on your favorite team to take down the next Super Bowl.


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