Twenty English Football League clubs, and others, urge UK government to ban all gambling advertising in soccer

A group of 20 EFL and non-league clubs want to ban gambling adverts in football and have written to the Government to urge them to bring an end to it.

A group of 20 EFL and non-league clubs have written to the Government urging them to ban all gambling advertising in football.

Ministers are currently reviewing gambling laws and are due to publish their proposed reforms after Easter, with a ban on betting companies being front-of-shirt sponsors one of the options.

Senior figures at the EFL have railed against the potential rule change, insisting their cash-strapped clubs need income generated from gambling firms to survive.

However, sides including Luton, Bolton, Tranmere and Forest Green sent a letter to the Government on Thursday to 'challenge the notion that football is dependent on gambling advertising revenues'.

In the letter seen by Sportsmail, they write: 'As owners, directors, and executives responsible for our clubs, we have witnessed the harmful growth of gambling sponsorship and advertising in football, including the negative impact on our fans.

'A ban on gambling logos on shirts would be a significant acceptance of the harm caused, but we would encourage you to include all gambling advertising in stadiums and competition sponsorship so every young fan can go to any football match - home and away - free of inducements to gamble.

'It seems clear to us that our fans, the players and the public, support our stance, with the only barrier seemingly being the financial impact on clubs.

'This is why we are writing to you today - we want to challenge the notion that football is dependent on gambling advertising revenues.

'As clubs without these partnerships, we can say categorically that we evidently do not need them. We have managed to source other forms of sponsorship and have attracted partnerships because of our socially responsible stance on this issue.'

This article is a reprint from The Daily Mail. To view the original story, share and comment, click here.



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