The Betting Scene: End of Football Season Sportsbook Account Tips

Once the football season has ended payout delays and sportsbooks skipping town are a concern.

Avoid the end of season withdrawal rush

It's been a tough grueling NFL and NCAA football season. And now there are just three games left of any significance to wager on until next August. After the final whistle of Super Bowl LIV, most players will close their accounts. And players need to look at available funds, games left to wager and potential withdrawal options now.

NFL sports betting end of season tipsThe majority of sports bettors only bet football

After the Super Bowl as many as seven out of 10 players will close their sportsbook accounts, withdrawal and look forward to the end of summer and the return of football betting. It doesn't matter where you are playing, that kind of exodus will lead to delays in account management and ultimately, payouts. But there is a way to hedge against the delays.

Don’t Wait Until Feb. 3rd

Players should first look at their existing bankroll. With just a few games left to play, a $100 bettor certainly doesn’t need $1250 in his account. Grab some of that cash now!

Also look at the amount of money you have in your account. If you have a significant balance, don't wait until the last day, as withdrawals may be limited. And, for players whose balance is five figures, once you are in line with 100s of other payouts, your second and third payouts will go to the ‘back of the line’.

Finally, it’s a security thing. If you are not playing at an OSGA top-rated sportsbook, you may want grab even a few hundred before the Big Game. No place, scammer or not, will go under BEFORE Super Bowl. Though it's sad to say, for those 'borderline' betting houses, when money comes in for the big game it makes it so funds are available for withdraw quicker. 

Bottom Line

Don't wait until the first week of February to withdraw from your online sportsbook. Leave some cash for the AFC and NFC Championship and some props and bets for the Super Bowl, but with just three games left to wager on, there is no need to leave all of your money tied up unnecessarily.

Time for last minute attempts by rogue sportsbooks to cash in

We have had recent inquiries on places like and offering huge bonuses to get players to send in Super Bowl betting cash. If an offer looks to good to be true, especially at this time of the year, extreme caution must be taken. Players should check with us here at OSGA before sending money to an online sportsbook. The two aforementioned places are new to us and one already has an open complaint.

Do not send money to a new online sportsbook at this time of the year. If you are depositing just for Super Bowl or have run out of funds in your exisiting account and want to grab some Super Bowl bonus cash, only fund the top online sportsbooks and places that have been in the business for several  years.

Check back every week for The Betting Scene as we will highlight new items of interest in the world of online sports betting.

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